Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is measuring water mud and slurry flow good choice

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-15
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of wide scope of flow measurement instrument, in the production of many in the industry have played a very important role, as long as it is a certain flow rate on the conductivity of the medium, can be measured by the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, and its installation is convenient, and can according to need to increase the remote measurement, and the signal output function, so get the majority of users love. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a * * in the flowmeter production, especially the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter development manufacturing manufacturers, over the years has been focusing on the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter for expanding the scope of work, in the process of communication with customers to master a lot of experience about measurement medium, below we in intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the measurement of mud and slurry in the case of a brief introduction. Industrial production, because of the slurry, coal slurry, sewage measurement medium has special physical characteristic, its measurement is very difficult, many conventional flow measuring some simply can't do. Because of its very fine coal containing more than 60% of solid particles, plus auxiliary additives, under high pressure conditions, the dynamic viscosity of up to 800 ~ 1500 mpa. S, the erosion of the electrodes by the medium of lining extrusion and RZ - environmental requirements RZ - LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter The lining of LD sensor and measurement of catheter adhesion performance and noise and leakage resistance of the electrode has a high requirement, and slurry, coal slurry is flowing fluid, design of pipe flow rate is very low, in 1. 0 m/s or so, and corrosive. After many years of experience in coal chemical plant operation is proved that the RZ - LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement of slurry, coal slurry flow is one of the preferred options. About the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter the structure and function of each part of RZ - The structure of the LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measure the catheter, electrode, shell, lining and converter and other parts. The role of the magnetic circuit system is to produce uniform dc or ac magnetic field. RZ - LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter with alternating magnetic field in general. Measuring the effect of catheter is through measured conductivity of liquid. Must be employed to measure the catheter is not permeability, low permeability, low thermal conductivity, and has certain mechanical strength of materials, can choose not magnetic stainless steel, glass steel, high strength plastic, aluminum, etc. The effect of electrode is measured flow and derivation is proportional to the induction electric potential signal. General use of magnetic stainless steel electrode, and are required to flush with the lining, so that the fluid through an unimpeded. Its installation position should be at the levels of pipeline axis direction, in order to prevent the sediment accumulation and influence on which the accuracy of measurement. In slurry and slurry occasions, due to the erosion of the electrodes by the high-pressure coal slurry will produce signal to noise, there are usually technical experience of the factory will use a low noise electrode to reduce the washing noise. Shell application of ferromagnetic materials, is the outer garment excitation coil, and isolate the external magnetic field interference. In measuring the inner side of the catheter and flange sealing surface, a layer of complete electrical insulating lining. Direct contact with the liquid to be tested, and its role is to prevent the induction electric potential by metal measuring tube wall short circuit, and can adapt to the measuring tube corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In slurry and coal slurry lining materials for corrosion resistance and wear resistance of engineering rubber and ptfe plastics, RZ - LD series intelligent intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the slurry, coal slurry developed in recent years the application of reinforced ptfe is widely used, its abrasion resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance is very good, and with the measuring pipe has good adhesion performance, lining up the shell or falls off phenomenon will not occur. The induction electric potential signal generated by the liquid flow is very weak, much affected by various interference factors, the role of the converter is the induction electric potential signal amplification translates into a unified standard signal and suppress the main disturbance signal. RZ - RZ - LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter selection The LD series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter reasonable choice and correct installation for improving the measuring accuracy of flowmeter and extend the life of the instrument, is extremely important. Its selection principle has the following four: the current body must be conductive liquid, it can't measure the gas, steam, oil products, glycerin, alcohol and other substances, the lining of sensor is very important, must stabilize, compression, abrasion resistance, heat resistance. Diameter and the range of choice. Range of flow meter based on the principle of not less than the flow quantity is expected to choose full range scale, good common flow by more than 50% of the full range, it can obtain higher measurement accuracy. Common velocity is 2 ~ 4 m/s. Electrode of noise reduction should be low noise electrode. Pressure: the choice of using pressure must be under rated pressure intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, generally not more than 1. 6 mpa, pressure is also critical of the lining, the lining after extrusion lining cannot make higher than that of the electrode surface. The choice of the temperature. Measured medium temperature cannot exceed the permissible use temperature of lining material under high pressure condition, general & le; 120℃。 To the deep development of coal chemical industry, and many processing and production range is no longer confined to the previous extensive processing form. Coal chemical technology changes more rich and varied in form, which makes the application range of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is expanded year by year. For the processing of the slurry flow measurement, in be used actually will meet all kinds of technical problems, the need to select users for the manufacturer of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is more cautious, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole production. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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