Instrument playing steady continuous magnetic flap to the level of science and technology innovation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-25
Magnetic level gauge since the advent of turning up to now, play an important role in the industrial production, as the liquid level meter table type dosage is large, using a wide range, the measurement of low-cost products, both technology and market, has been increasingly mature. Level gauge until today in development of this instrument category, has become an important a force measuring equipment in the family, now has developed into a relatively complete industry. Magnetic flap liquidometer also played a role. At the beginning of the modern production, driven by a simple measuring devices, and to be worthy of our study subjects, and in the development of the national economy plays an increasingly important position, embellish of instrument science and technology as a dedicated instrument products, industrial production and energy contribution to the meager strength. As magnetic level gauge widening scope and thorough, turning its product prices have been cut, and now in order to adapt to different environment and research and development of new varieties, in the original traditional liquid level gauge is not up to the industry also has its place. Especially in the dielectric material with special properties requirements. Such as acid medium material, corrosive medium material, the high oxidation medium such as magnetic flap level gauge shows its unique superiority. Embellish of instrument science and technology in the face of the domestic situation of demands for environmental protection is getting higher and higher now, in order to meet the requirement of this era, new type level gauge on the requirements of environmental protection, of course, will be its function reflect incisively and vividly, not only do the drain, put the pollution, but also the representative of the energy conservation and emissions reduction. Engineering and energy saving series magnetic level gauge turning toward the development of large, small and new series products, such as a large magnetic level gauge, caterpillar overhead turning drive magnetic level gauge and turning small magnetic level gauge, turning; Variable speed product development, such as brush, wetland, desert, wetland, high temperature and high pressure, and ultra heavy magnetic flap liquid level meter and the low temperature low pressure type magnetic level gauge, turning light magnetic flap liquid level meter; Development of multi-functional, multi-purpose products, achieve a multi-purpose products, high efficiency and energy saving. As magnetic flap liquid level meter manufacturers how to increase the ability to develop high performance products, such as the development of wide measurement range, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction, the variety of zero leakage, and follow the information of the network is more and more widely used, how to develop the integration of technology, how to form a complete set of computer technology, how to produce high level of monitoring technology, development and good operation reliability, high security, comfort good magnetic level gauge products are turning has been tireless pursuit.
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