Installation and use of ultrasonic flow timing signal output failure solution question and answer ( 2)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-28
Q: old pipeline, pipe wall scaling is serious, you can't get a signal or when the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement signal is too weak, how to solve? A: check whether there is fluid in the pipeline, and for the full state; Should choose the Z method ultrasonic sensor installation ( If the pipe is too close to the wall, can have Angle of ultrasonic sensors are installed on pipe diameter, rather than the horizontal installed on pipe diameter) ; Dense part carefully selected pipes and fully polished bright, apply sufficient coupling agent installed ultrasonic sensor; Respectively carefully at every ultrasonic sensor is installed near the point of moving slowly, look for the large signal points, prevent because of pipe wall scaling or because local deformation is expected to lead to the ultrasonic beam reflected area and miss can receives the strong point of installation; For wall scaling serious metal pipe can use hit to make scale parts fall off or crack ( Note: this method can sometimes because of scale and gaps between the lining and the disadvantage and the ultrasonic propagation) 。 Q: pipe is very new, material is very good, also in line with the ultrasonic flowmeter installation conditions, but did not receive the signal? A: check whether the ultrasonic flowmeter pipe parameters is set up correctly, the installation method is correct, wiring whether contact in good condition, whether the coupling agent with enough, whether the pipeline for the full package, whether installed in accordance with the instruction of total graphic distance ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic sensor installation direction is wrong. Q: why is the pipe flow, and ultrasonic flowmeter host also shows & other; *R” State, and the machine according to the instantaneous flow rate is zero? A: check whether in cases with fluid used & other Static zero setting & throughout; ( Reference M42) And, if so, use M43 menu, restore the original factory Settings zero. Q: why is ultrasonic flowmeter output current loop current value is not normal? A: check whether ultrasonic flowmeter M55 menu, set up the required output current; Check the ultrasonic flowmeter M56, M57 menus of the current Settings to the upper and lower limit is appropriate; Aligning current loop, and use the M49 validation.
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