Installation and use of ultrasonic flow timing need to abide by the operation specification of question and answer ( A)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-27
When installing a plug-in ultrasonic sensor what matters needing attention in the process of ask: when installing a plug-in what matters needing attention in the process of ultrasonic sensors? Answer: 1, measuring pipe positioning note ( Pipe surface treatment, ensure the two ultrasonic sensors linked through the centerline and into a straight line, base welding strong vertical seal, valve seal, no leakage, opening guarantee normal uniform drilling tools) And so on. 2, ultrasonic sensor installation note ( Installation of the ultrasonic sensor to people standing on the sensor cant live with walking, to prevent excessive water pressure wounded or damaged ultrasonic sensor chip, guide bar installation must be relative, parallel to the pipe at the same time) 3, ultrasonic sensor insertion depth ( Refers to the ultrasonic sensor at the top to the inside of the guide bar, a total of 270 mm long, when installation, must be less in the pipe wall thickness and unlined upper garment) 。 How to choose the correct ultrasonic flowmeter measurement installation position to ask: how to choose the correct ultrasonic flowmeter measurement installation location a. right choose to install section impact on the accuracy of the test, the selected section should avoid interference and eddy current of these two to a greater influence on the accuracy of measurement, generally choose the section shall meet the following conditions: 1, avoid the water pump, power station, frequency, which has a strong magnetic field and vibration interference to install the machine; 2, choosing pipe should be uniform, easy to ultrasonic transmission section; 3, want to have enough long straight pipe, the installation point of straight pipe upstream must be greater than 10 d ( Note: D = diameter) And downstream is greater than 5 d; 4, installation point upstream from the water pump should be 30 d distance; 5, fluid should be full of pipeline; Around 6, pipe to have enough space to facilitate field personnel operations, underground pipes need to do the test well, testing well is as follows: what kind of condition, choose insert type ultrasonic flowmeter to ask: what kind of condition, choose insert type ultrasonic flowmeter? Answer: 1) Pipe diameter is larger; 2) When is closely lined with; 3) When tube fouling severely; 4) Pipe is a poor conductor of ultrasound ( Such as cast iron pipe, cement pipe, etc. ) ; 5) Outer clamp type ultrasonic sensor can not meet the requirements of unstable signal strength or measurement 6) Measurement of the measured tube parts are in a state of the water for a long time in this paper, released by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In the finishing.
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