Input type liquid level transmitter basic maintenance of common sense

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-19
Xi 'an instrument production input type liquid level transmitter is a kind of measuring the pressure of liquid level sensor; Based on the measured liquid static pressure and the height of the liquid is proportional to the principle of adopting isolation diffusion silicon sensing element or sensitive ceramic capacitance pressure sensor, the static pressure is converted to electrical signals, after temperature compensation and the linear correction, converted into a standard electrical signals. Applicable to petrochemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical and other industries of all kinds of medium level measurement. Input type liquid level transmitter directly into the measured medium. Install and use is very convenient. Has a good stability, high precision, long life and other advantages. Can measure water, oil or larger paste viscosity medium. From the measured media blister, deposition, the influence of the electric property. In order to make the input type liquid level transmitter can accurately measure, in the course of everyday use must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. This paper introduce several input type liquid level transmitter maintenance of common sense. A, equipment running records, especially the failure of timing and phenomenon, in order to maintenance the query; Second, pay attention not to damage the instrument appearance. Especially probe, button; After connecting cable it is forbidden to mechanical damage, the damage should immediately stop using it. Especially in the process of work don't shut down, form a good habit, after the completion of the various operating again in the power supply; Third, every day after use, turn off the host power supply; Four, to turn it off after 10 minutes to handle the instrument shall not tear open come down to the packing; Five, not instruments for a long time, to pull the power grid power plug; And will probe and buttons and other parts in the attachment inside the box. The above is to summarize some related input type liquid level transmitter basic maintenance of common sense. Hope in the later use process can attract attention.
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