Industrial control of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter must be systematic integration system

by:KAIDI     2021-01-24
Contemporary industrial production machinery automation industry for the use of a lot of steam flowmeter, in large and medium-sized oil chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and other people can often see on the spot application scenario for all kinds of precise measurement is not the same as the basic principle, integrated into the various precise measurement standards and the regulation of steam flowmeter, level gauge, also have this kind of testing instrument panel and related supporting facilities, machinery and equipment used, only we together the industrial production of mechanical automation for all normal operation, all to promote social and economic level and the company's production economic benefits has a great effect. There there are many different kinds of steam flowmeter, per the steam flowmeter is the richness of its different from other goods, to people in the motor selection and installation to the various load them into the dashboard work standards. Goods for the steam flowmeter in the basic of richness in itself a is important to consider the basis of the standard, includes the following several aspects: first, credibility rules & ndash; — It is for all the provisions of the steam flowmeter commodity base, the steam flowmeter with aspect ratio of credibility, continuous process equipment to import substitution industrialization, dashboard is very easy to cause the whole process of the common breakdown is not smooth, and installed in the pipeline of steam flowmeter if common faults, and is not so special maintenance will step slow down, and instrument panel manufacturing and control system design must be given the credibility first, include to the credibility of the thermal resistance temperature compensation. Some dashboard producers is very easy to have to produce the common faults of trouble overhaul of components to implement two-way. Is the design of some producers under continuous flow standard conversion controller. Some electromagnetic flow meter manufacturers to produce a continuous flow changing electrode and props, this is to improve credibility has created excellent standard. 2, smooth features & ndash; — Total flow meter output should have good reliability, if there is noise, traffic data signal itself should can be adjusted according to the vibration within the table, make stable range to help read values. With the controller structure adjustment system software, should be no significant shocks to the controller output. Three, strong anti-interference ability to resist vibration interference. Most of the heat meter installed in the pipeline, the natural environmental standards on the spot is extreme, in which the torsion vibration is a dry, so the heat meter, converter and so on all need strong anti-interference. Some electromagnetic flowmeter and the coriolis mass flowmeter is caused by a lack of ability to resist vibration interference idealistic, with not so good, on the spot in & other; Making this up & throughout; And & other High range & throughout; Such situation. (2) the ability to resist frequency interference. The installation on the spot in the industrial production of steam flowmeter had various interference sources, such as industrial workshop in driving, forklift opened or surrounding many application wireless interphone, is causing some traffic detector expression value rise, this because the household electrical appliances, in driving a forklift frequency radio waves from the ignition coil, wireless walkie-talkie radio frequency radio waves from the antenna into the dashboard by some way, scratching their job. Very natural environment outside electromagnetic flowmeter to the harm of radio waves is more sensitive, external acoustic frequency for ultrasonic flowmeter accurately measure harm is very big, in recent years, people attaches great importance to the beginning of frequency dry scratching damage. Adding measuring frequency dry scratching damage index, and adopt many countermeasures to improve anti-jamming. Fourth, the diversity of output data signal. The data signal output types are: common test output AO: namely 0/4 ~ 20 madc, the data signal is for general common; Another also can choose working voltage output method, but the transmission distance from big limit. The height of the power switch output DO: the level of output data signal, can set the factory default Settings or dashboard is on or off; The power switch time, according to the features of data signals or use in data signals maintain with different delay time; Differential signal PO: the data signal with a single pulse means that accurate measurement of a fixed amount of values, much to the auxiliary steam flowmeter output, as the integral number according to; Mixed data signals, the analog signal is accumulative analog signals. Common is HART communication conducted according to the analog signal control circuit, and also similar BRAIN communication protocol, etc; Analog signal output: here can be subdivided into serial communication and system bus communication, serial communication is usually RSC32C or RSA22, RS485, see more with MODBUS agreement within industrial production; System bus communication has many kinds in the industrial production, typicality means FFBUS, ProfiBus, CAN, etc. , the data signal is based on different requirements and equipped with in the dashboard, in front of a few often said temperature data signals, such as thermal resistance and heat resistance, CAN not output data signal called the dashboard, just call the precise measurement of the temperature component method or output, or perhaps many DCS or PLC type in port to be immediately accepted this kind of precise measurement of the output data signal.
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