Guide the user the correct selection and installation of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-18
The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is made up of sensors and switches. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can choose right is to guarantee the premise of good intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. Choose what kind of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter should be according to the measured physical properties and chemical properties of conductive liquid medium. An important factor to consider: intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sizes ( DN) And flow rate range ( Large flow, small flow) And lining materials, electrode materials, the output signal. Sensors installed on the measuring pipe, the converter can be connected to the sensor combination together referred to as the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, a size converter is installed within 100 meters of within 30 meters away from the sensor or occasions, are connected by a shielded cable is called separation between intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. Is the main component of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor: the measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, magnetic yoke iron core and shell. Below embellish instrument science and technology have we analyze how to correctly choose one-piece and split type: one-piece: one-piece compare not only separate installation method is simple, and more cost savings. In general, for the environment in good condition, is to choose one-piece, is sensors and switches etc. Split type: meter consists of two parts, sensor and converter, the power supply and signal transmission through the connecting cable, choose split type installations generally has the following characteristics: 1. The occasion of pipe vibration is larger. 2. Environmental temperature or flowmeter converter surface radiation temperature greater than 60 ℃. 3. The humidity is bigger or corrosive gas. 4. On the sensor of aluminum shell of severe corrosion occasion. 5. Flow meter installed at high altitude or underground commissioning inconvenient places. Leap in technology remind everybody to pay attention to is: split type intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter orders should indicate the cable connection of the sensor and converter distance, not more than 20 m, converter for wall installation. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter specific installation requirements include the following: the first is to install a place in order to make the choice of transmitting road work stable reliable, the following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing the location of the requirements: (1) try to avoid the ferromagnetic objects and has a strong electromagnetic field devices ( Such as big motor, transformer, etc. ) , in order to avoid the magnetic field of magnetic field effect sensor and the traffic signal should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, should not be installed in damp, easy seeper place. (3) avoid weathered, avoid environmental temperature above 60 ℃ and relative humidity greater than 95%. (4) choose to facilitate maintenance, convenient place. 5] flowmeter should be installed in the pump back end, never on the suction side of the installation; The valve should be installed in the flow downstream. Second in installed in the intelligent electromagnetic flow timing should pay attention to the following requirements: to your right measurement, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing line position requirements: (1) sensor can be installed on the straight path, also can be installed in horizontal or inclined pipe, but requires two electrodes at the center of the connection is in a state level. 2 medium in the installation position should be full pipe flow, are attached to the electrode to avoid than full pipe and gas. (3) for liquid-solid two-phase fluid, using vertical installation, cause the attrition uniform in the sensor, prolong service life. (4) install location medium disaffection tube flowmeter, flow can take up half the backend line method, make its full tube, it is strictly prohibited to install flowmeter in top and outlet pipe. 5] modifies the pipeline installation method: when the flow velocity of the medium can not meet the requirements, should choose relatively small diameter flowmeter, then you should use different pipe diameter taper pipe or modify part, make its caliber with sensors, but straight pipe before and after shall meet at least: straight pipe before & ge; After 5 dn, straight pipe & ge; 2DN( DN for pipe diameter) 。 [6] flowmeter for straight pipe before and after former & ge; 5 dn, back-end & ge; 2DN。 Embellish of instrument science and technology is a * * r &d and manufacture of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter enterprises, after years of production and installation process to master a lot of experience about instrument product installation and maintenance, if you have any doubt, in the process of buying and using contact us, our technical staff will give you the technical guidance.
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