Explanation of magnetic level gauge accessories what are turning

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-13
Magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of very common used in liquid level of the liquid level meter, is through the buoyancy principle and the working principle of magnetic coupling of a liquid level gauge, magnetic flap level gauge measurement system composed of buoyancy and the magnetic force of two parts, and part is connected with the discharge valve, to increase the adaptability of instrument other optional components. Accessories refers to machinery and equipment supporting parts or features, also refers to the repaired need to install the parts or features. What are the magnetic level gauge turning parts? To know what are magnetic level gauge turning parts, we should speak of from the classification of spare parts. * there are two types of magnetic level gauge turning accessories: first class is include standard parts or accessories; One kind is user optional accessories need for an additional fee. Magnetic level gauge accessories belong to standard accessories are: turning flange bolt and nut, washer, bullet magnetic calibration widgets. Standard accessories means that no matter what magnetic level gauge is turning installation, what function requirements, what type of configuration, these parts are standard configuration is also free. Magnetic level gauge turning parts belong to the optional accessories are: in the companion flange, the mating flange connection or threaded connection valves, magnetic float ( After the damage need to change) , magnetic floating ball, after repair need to replace the panel, alarm, switches, and in order to adapt to the working conditions at low temperature electric heating accessories, in order to increase the signal output of the remote transmission parts and so on. These optional parts, that is, the user can ask to form a complete set, but need to increase the cost, and can buy separate magnetic flap panel or magnetic float or remote transmitter as shown in the figure below. (in) other places before, for example, some customers do magnetic level gauge, turning damage cannot get perfect after-sales service, now find the instrument we embellish, also can buy these magnetic level gauge turning parts, but must provide detailed parameters and field conditions. Instrument technology * * the production of various kinds of magnetic float level meter, magnetic level gauge, magnetic double column turning liquid level meter, float liquid level switch, etc. , as well as supporting the level gauge accessories for the user, all is for the sake of users, of course also for both parties can win. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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