Ethylene spherical tank used magnetic level gauge to prevent low temperature freezing turning

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-29
Preface: magnetic flap liquidometer usage, particularly big in all kinds of storage tank, this paper is aimed at some petrochemical enterprise of low temperature storage of ethylene spherical tank under the condition of low temperature using magnetic flap liquidometer prone to freezing phenomenon, affect the normal measurement of the instrument and take the retrofit scheme of this problem, and a retrofit scheme solved the magnetic level gauge used in turning the material storage of low temperature freezing, storage for low temperature material using magnetic flap liquidometer provided valuable experience, for many similar problems users provides a very good idea. Lanzhou 460 kt/a ethylene plant of a petrochemical corporation of liquid hydrocarbon tank farm to break ground on March 1, 2014, completed and put into operation in July 2015. Liquid hydrocarbon tank farm with a total of 14 spherical tank, used for storage of ethylene, propylene, pyrolysis carbon four, raffinate among four five butene a, carbon, carbon products, which used to store liquid ethylene six volume of 1500 m3 spherical tank, the storage conditions for stress: 1. 65-1. 75MPa; A 30 ~ 36 ℃, temperature material for low temperature steel spherical tank ontology 07 mnnicrmov. In order to guarantee safe and stable operation of the spherical tank, each with a spherical tank is equipped with double liquid level meter, is a kind of servo liquidometer, the other is a magnetic flap liquid level gauge. 1, the running status of the spherical tank since June 2006 built putting-in-service proactively, propylene, pyrolysis carbon four, raffinate carbon four, butene, carbon five two sets of spherical tank level gauge operation is normal, as spare two sets of liquid level meter, once one of the sets of liquid level meter appear problem, another set of normal instruction, provide a basis for operation in post operators. And ethylene spherical tank ( R301A- F) Since putting-in-service proactively, due to the defects in designing and manufacturing, without fully considering the specific conditions of ethylene low temperature storage, magnetic liquid level gauge surface turning hang cream icing, scale becomes coated with ice, could not see level indicator, can only be operated according to the instruction from the servo liquidometer. When servo liquidometer proofreading, failure or maintenance regularly, can't normal operation, the safe hidden trouble that bring to the operation of the spherical tank is very big. 2, defect reconstruction in order to guarantee the safe and stable operation of ethylene spherical tank, the early putting-in-service proactively magnetic flap ice liquid level gauge is very serious, originally thought it was due to the construction for cold material is not installed, causes such as the thickness of the insulating material is not enough, therefore all reinstall preserved cold material and an increase in the thickness of the insulating material, but the effect is not obvious. Organizational positions after operators of magnetic flap of ice on a level gauge manual clean-up on a regular basis, (because of the large ethylene spherical tank volume 1500m3) , liquid level meter is about 12 meters long, clean up the difficulty is very big, in the process of clearing operation involving dangerous operations such as altitude, increased risk of the employee's work and the intensity of labor, and after artificial cleaning liquid level meter in 3 ~ 4 hours after operation, and began to hang frost freezes, operation cycle is too short. Each other in the process of clear icy, the magnetic liquid level gauge and turning to the seat to harm, can eventually lead to damage of magnetic liquid level gauge turning scrap. Then try to cut off the liquid level gauge root valve is cut off, with the method of natural ice to clear ice, although such reduced the labor intensity of operators, but this kind of way of de-icing time is too long, adverse to the safety in production. In order to thoroughly solve the phenomenon of magnetic flap hanging ice, after repeated demonstration, technical personnel with factory for purging the air and on one ethylene spherical tank experiment. Through experiment found hanging from a continuous purging air factory ice liquid level meter, basic magnetic flap can completely solve the level of ice. Trial began in early October 2015, end of the end of December 2015, the experiment in the early due to higher temperatures, About 25 & deg; C) To prevent freezing effect is good; In winter chill is seasonal, and exposed because factory air with water freezes there is still a make the liquid level gauge. According to the above situation, consider the air heated to the factory, and in January 2016, and after a period of months experiments and observations, magnetic flap is icy cold season have been completely solve. Figure 1 pictures taken by winter, compared with before modification effect is very good. Figure 1 level of magnetic photo frame after transforming liquid level gauge field condition of a modified the success of the test for the thorough settlement of ethylene spherical tank freezes magnetic flap provided valuable experience, so the temporary pipeline and equipment used in the experiments after further perfect, in 2016 at the end of April to complete all ethylene spherical tank ( R301A- F) Magnetic flap of level gauge, level gauge for the homemade equipment, air purge tube on the inlet end to a valve is used to adjust the volume of air, the other end closed and on into the liquid level gauge flap side each disconnect 5 cm a hole for air purging in order to ensure the purging of air temperature on the heater population increase a side line, and that process is shown in figure 2. Figure 2 after transforming process of ethylene spherical tank ( R301A- F) Magnetic level gauge turning all change to the factory after the air purge, magnetic flap level gauge instructions very accurate and clear. System used in the factory is provided by ethylene plant air pipe and air heating heat source using spherical tank area of low pressure steam condensate, parameters are as follows: ( 1) The factory air: 0. 6 mpa, normal temperature ( 2) Low pressure steam pressure: 0. 35 mpa, the temperature is 140 ℃. After groping and observation, the factory can't open the summer heat exchanger air purge system, winter temperatures low heat exchanger can be putting-in-service proactively, to ensure that the scavenging air temperature at 35 ~ 40 ℃ can meet the technological requirements, due to the use of low pressure steam condensate waste heat, steam consumption is not the restoration of a major bright spot. 3, the conclusion after the reform radically solves the magnetic level gauge is icy turning serious phenomenon, for material storage at low temperature using magnetic flap liquidometer provided valuable experience, at the same time for the safe and stable operation of ethylene spherical tank has laid a solid foundation. If winter scene low ambient temperature will not lead to dial indicator turning to ice, but only medium low temperature easy to crystallization, then you can directly use embellish instrument in the freeze protection magnetic level gauge, turning more simple and more cost savings.
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