Ensure the normal operation of electromagnetic flowmeter five special testing content

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-21
Electromagnetic flowmeter is very common in today's industrial production, because of its superior performance, get the favour of the enterprise. For the use of electromagnetic flowmeter, a set of correct installation and maintenance strategy, after daily testing for electromagnetic flowmeter operation, the user is absolutely can not be ignored, this article is aimed at in five important special test of electromagnetic flowmeter as an illustration. 1. Electrode contact resistance. Measuring contact resistance, electrode spoon liquid can be not discharged from the pipe flow sensor and indirect assessment of electrode and lining layer surface conditions generally, help to analysis the cause of the problem. 2. The electrode polarization voltage. Measuring electrode polarization voltage between the liquid and will help to judge whether the fault of the unstable zero or output shaking caused by electrode is covered by pollution or. With 2 v dc digital multimeter, respectively measure the polarization between the two electrodes and ground voltage ( Electromagnetic flowmeter can not power, power measurement) 。 If two measured values close to nearly equal, electrode not contaminated or overwritten. Polarization voltage size depends on the electrode materials & other; Electrode potential & throughout; And the properties of the liquid measurements may be between a few mV to a few hundred mV. Because, in fact, in the operation of the two electrodes contamination situation can't be exactly the same symmetry, then the voltage on the electrode formed asymmetric common-mode voltage. Asymmetry of the common-mode voltage becomes differential mode signal, zero offset. 3. Pipeline stray current flow. Sometimes looking for pipeline stray interference sources in the flow sensor of the upstream or downstream, in order to narrow your search, try to reduce or eliminate stray current interference effects. 4. Determination of the interference signal cable. Signal cable from electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction interference can make the electromagnetic flowmeter zero change. To determine whether changes in zero due to the effect of electric potential signal cable interference, to determine the influence degree of the interference range and the electromagnetic flowmeter. 5. To determine whether the ground potential. Electromagnetic flow juice during normal use, such as sensors, near motor ( Force) State changes ( Such as leakage) , grounding potential changes caused by zero change. Check whether have the influence, the converter can be work terminal short circuit, grounding C terminal and protection of G to zero ( Or instruction value) Changes in judgment for ground potential. ( This paper released by embellish instrument in finishing, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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