Electromagnetic flowmeter signal output exceeds the full value of inspection means of settlement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-21
In the process of industrial production often need to demand for raw materials and products are flow output, this would require the use of flow measurement instrument, and many, many different kinds of industrial flow measurement instrument, electromagnetic flowmeter, orifice flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, etc. , each kind of flowmeter has the * * * is suitable for measuring fluid and use scope, therefore, how to correctly choose flowmeter to get * * * end of accurate measurement is very important. The following we will say * * * for the area of electromagnetic flow meter is the conductive liquid flow measurement, such as sewage or industrial fluids containing electrolytes. West source instrument technology co. , LTD. As a professional manufacturer, electromagnetic flow meter instrument, in the course of years of service for users, summed up the experience of many can effectively solve the field failure of electromagnetic flowmeter in encountered in the measurement value beyond set for full value system, there are all sorts of reasons, the following will introduce one by one to you, such as is not satisfactory, experts are also please correct me. One, the cause of the problem analysis of the output signal in excess of the full value of the cause of the problem from four aspects, namely: sensors, connecting cable, converter, connect in the converter output after a instrument. Each aspect and each has a variety of reasons, the main are listed below: ( 1) Sensors - - No fluid connected between electrodes, the introduction of electrical interference from liquid; ( 2) - connecting cable - Cable is disconnected, wiring error; ( 3) Converter aspects - - With sensor error and setting error; ( 4) - after an instrument - No electrical isolation, set error. Program is shown in figure 8, fault inspection is to check the output signal is super full value process. Check the first foot before identifying the cause of the problem from converter ( The upstream traffic signal) Also after the converter, and then a meter, and then makes a preliminary research and judgment, according to the process fully consider malfunction item by item, check and try again. Process check items listed in the order of the principle is: ( 1) By observation or ask understand shall not be obliged to large operations in the former, namely after the first difficult; ( 2) According to the on-site maintenance experience in the past, the higher the frequency is higher and the future possible probability in the former; ( 3) Check itself has asked. If confirmed by the preliminary investigation is after several failure reason, also can check in advance. Electromagnetic flowmeter output signal super full value check process 3, fault inspection and take measures to this section section discuss the check method from four aspects: the cause of the problem and take action. 1, identifying the cause of the problem under the converter before or after the converter and its flow chart of a meter check item 1. Failure before the converter, namely between the sensor and the sensor/transducer signal cable ( A shape electromagnetic flowmeter signal cables, seldom appears inside the instrument, the general failure) ; Later after the sensor itself and its integrator or flow under the computer such as an instrument. First water in the piping and flow sensor, still no flow condition will be converter two signal terminal and the function or terminal short circuit protection, observe the converter output signal whether enough to zero. If can to zero, can preliminary judgment fault before conversion and not in the converter and after the instrument itself, the next step can focus first check the connecting cable and sensor ( The flow chart of item 2) ; If not to zero, the examination should focus in the converter and the instrument ( The flow chart of 3, 4, 6, 7) 。 2, confirm the signal cable integrity and two electrodes and a good contact with the liquid. Check the flow chart of item 2. If the signal circuit disconnect, the output signal will be super full value, therefore the inspection project is mainly to verify traffic signal circuit complete patency. Signal circuits including cables and terminals, flow sensor liquid between a pair of electrodes and the electrode. Besides check circuit on and off, still should verify the cable type, the contact of the connection is correct, insulation whether meet the requirements, etc. At the end of the flow sensor electrodes in contact with the liquid ( Both electrodes in contact with the liquid or at the end of the contact to the one at the end of the electrode, disconnect the signal cable, also must be as shown in figure 3 will flow sensor adapted to rule out the possibility of contact with the end of the liquid electrode location of full of liquid. 3, check the correctness of the converter set data, check the zero point and check the flow chart item 3 full working hours. Separation type electromagnetic flow meter factory, general converter and sensor diameter and flow rate as stipulated in the contract and the actual flow calibration set parameters, sensors and switches must be one to one correspondence. Therefore, check the form a complete set is correct, then check the converter instrument constants and parameters. Analog signal and then use the review of the zero point. A size instrument need not check this.
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