Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor improper installation led to the decrease of the accuracy of measurement, and the solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-15
Make flowmeters due to the influence of factors in the industrial production is more, the principle of the instrument as many as 10 species, type of not less than 200. Throughout the automation control system, the flow meter as signal source, the number is only 1/5 of the automation instrument system, but the price accounts for about a third; In the scientific evaluation of saving energy and reducing consumption and pollution emission monitoring instrument by more than half. Therefore, it has an important status in the national economy. In the petrochemical industry, water treatment, food industry, such as production area, has become a kind of electromagnetic flowmeter using common flow measurement instrument, its technology has already belongs to the mature technology, product performance and reliability are good, electromagnetic flowmeter, as a precision instrument, to install and use the condition and the demand is higher, in use process, owing to the negligence of operation and does not conform to the specifications, leading to more or less there will be some conditions, this requires operators carefully read the product instruction manual before installation, in accordance with the specification requirements of the use, at the same time pay attention to choose the correct installation position can be a good play to the efficiency of electromagnetic flowmeter, can effectively ensure the working stability, ensure the accuracy and the measured data of life. Electromagnetic flowmeter sensor should be installed in the indoor dry ventilated place. Avoid install where the environment temperature is too high, should not be affected by a strong vibration, as far as possible to avoid a strong magnetic field equipment, such as motor, transformer, etc. Avoid installed in place of corrosive gases. Installation site is convenient for maintenance. This is to guarantee normal operation conditions of the sensor. In order to ensure that the sensor tube full of measured medium, good vertical installation in the transmitter, flow from bottom to top. Especially for the liquid-solid two phase six, must be installed vertically. If only allow level field installation, it must ensure that the two electrodes in the same horizontal plane. Electromagnetic flow sensor electrode measured by several millivolt ac potential, is based on sensor inner potential. In order to make the fluid potential stability and keep such as a sensor and fluid potential, to ensure the stability of the measurement, the sensor should have a good grounding on both ends of the shell and tube, the converter shell is connected to. Grounding resistance is not greater than 10 & cap; And cannot be Shared with other electrical equipment grounding line. If you can't to ensure good contact sensor shell and metal pipe, metal wires connect them. Reliable grounding. In order to avoid interference signal, sensors and switches between the signal must use shielding wire transfer. Don't allow the signal cable and power cord steel pipe parallel on the same cable. Signal cable length shall not exceed 30 m. Converter installation location should avoid, ac and dc magnetic field and vibration environment temperature for - 20 - 50 ℃, does not contain corrosive gas, the relative humidity is not more than 80%. In order to avoid the velocity points relative measurement, the effects of flow control valve should be installed in the downstream of the sensor. For small diameter of the sensor, because from the center of the electrode to import the distance meter has the equivalent of several times the length of a diameter D, so the straight pipe upstream can not do. But for large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter, the general should have more than 5 d straight pipe upstream and downstream straight pipe don't usually do. All in all, to ensure the measuring accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter, correct installation position is very important, if you are at the scene of the use of complex, difficult to choose the right installation points, please contact embellish of instrument science and technology, can provide on-site scene shooting photos, convenient for engineers to help you analyze and provide solutions. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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