Electromagnetic flowmeter failure inspection and analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-18
Jinhu county kaidi automation instrument equipment factory is a professional production and marketing automation instrumentation company, the main production calibration instruments, flow meters, pressure gauges, liquid level instrumentation, temperature instrumentation, display instrument, various valves and automatic calibration device. The small make up to you to introduce electromagnetic flowmeter failure inspection and analysis. Electromagnetic flowmeter with its high precision accuracy and strong corrosion resistance characteristics, more and more widely applied. It as a measuring device, and the parameter accuracy of the measurement in the process of production control is very important, but in actual measurement work, due to the improper installation or the environment changes, such as electromagnetic flowmeter are prone to all kinds of faults. In so the barrier phenomenon occurs, to take timely reasonable inspection way, in order to in a timely manner to solve problems. In practical operation, the stainless steel electromagnetic flowmeter with original instrument damage or improper operation, such as environmental impact factors, often fails, the performance for measuring volatility, measurement data is not accurate, and even completely unable to work. Therefore, we need to first understand the working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter and the main part, to analyze the causes of all kinds of common failures, according to the actual situation of stainless steel fault inspection and analysis of electromagnetic flowmeter. Now common electromagnetic flowmeter during commissioning period of the fault can be divided into failure and run-time failure two types. How to detect whether the electromagnetic flowmeter failure, need to understand the structure of the electromagnetic flowmeter components, analysis the cause of the failure, and then adopt the appropriate methods for testing according to actual condition. If you are interested in the electromagnetic flow meter or want to know more about the knowledge of the electromagnetic flowmeter, look small make up or call advisory!
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