Electromagnetic flowmeter applied in the water supply industry characteristics and the process variable diameter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-13
p { 文本- - - - - - 缩进:2 em; / * em is relative unit, 2 em now twice the size of a word * /} In this paper, with the development of China's urbanization, industrial water supply and construction scale of water supply for the city is also increasing, for the requirement of water supply infrastructure put forward higher request, electromagnetic flowmeter, as an important part of water supply equipment, not only for the calculation of the water production efficiency monitoring, also for water supply to the downstream sectors of trade settlement has played a key role. Electromagnetic flowmeter, as a kind of flow measuring devices, and can be applied to many industrial production place, according to the characteristics of the water supply industry, electromagnetic flowmeter in the selection and installation, use, also has the difference of and other places of use. This article is about the electromagnetic flow meter used in the production of water supply industry characteristics, and the installation of variable diameter processing method to make an explanation: electromagnetic flowmeter in the water supply industry characteristics: a, high accuracy, measurement data used in trade settlement, high measurement accuracy requirements in accordance with the provisions of GB/T17167 should reach & plusmn; 2. R the accuracy of 5%. For large diameter meter, some users require up to & plusmn; 0. 5%R。 Second, measuring small resistance: set on the head of raw water and tap water meter, diameter greatly reduce the cost of pumping, small resistance. High three, measuring work requirements: high demand on the measurement range. Home users are the intermittent use, even large enterprises and institutions, day and night, between different seasons, production, management, management, and/or services between different stages, the water consumption is also very different. Four, high protection requirements of the external world: bad environment, large diameter pipelines are usually buried so most flow meter was installed in the instrument well, a little careless water meter events will occur. So, flowmeter due IP68 ability of environment protection. Five pipe, easy dirt processing: raw water clean degree is poorer, the pressure is not high in large diameter pipe under the condition of low speed flow and silt deposition on the pipe wall easily, so the instrument design selection should consider the effect of silt, engineering should be considered during the design and installation of silt cleaning. According to the characteristics of the instrument selection tended to agree, for trade settlement of large diameter flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for use, it can fully meet the above-mentioned requirements, small water flow measuring rotor meter. Variable diameter electromagnetic flowmeter processing method: we all know that electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, it is mainly used to measure volume flow of conducting liquid and slurry in the closed pipeline. After many years of practical operation and observation comparative analysis, we believe that in the field of water metering, electromagnetic flowmeter is superior to other measuring instrument. In practice, often appear due to user nature of water tube flow velocity is low, and can't meet the requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter for velocity range, so this time need to variable diameter pipe processing. Particular way is, pipes, pipe fittings and valve diameter according to the system after the share parameter is selected, select the sensor diameter is smaller than measure the diameter size of electromagnetic flowmeter, that is to say, the table of the measured pipe diameter electromagnetic flowmeter with diameter is not consistent, pipe diameter, table size small, reducer added before and after installing a connection sensors. As a result the installation local pipeline improves the velocity of electromagnetic flowmeter, meet the requirements of the flowmeter for velocity range. In variable diameter processing work, must pay attention to the reducer need to meet the requirement of taper. Electromagnetic flowmeter of inlet and outlet of straight section length requirement, reducer, added before and after the sensor to be seen as part of a straight pipe, should be consistent with the product on the sensor before and after the section of divergent or convergent cone Angle is less than 15 & deg; Requirements. When the reducer can't satisfy the requirement of taper, must be custom-made extended divergent or reducing pipe. Electromagnetic flow meter is used for measurement of water supply, due to its sensors have velocity requirements, but the velocity and the characteristics of wide range, designers can according to user's water consumption and the scene actual situation, make some flexible changes, it saves water meter set of investment, and the flowmeter can run in good working condition. Electromagnetic flowmeter, by the way, the upstream side should be not less than 5 d pipe diameters of straight pipe, the downstream side should be not less than three times the pipe diameter of straight pipe. If there are not fully open the gate or valve upstream, the length of the straight pipe upstream of the flowmeter should be increased to 10 times the pipe diameter. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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