Electromagnetic flowmeter application status in domestic paper industry and the analysis of specific application

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-11
As one of the basic industries in China's paper industry, recently with the improvement of people's living standards and various social increasing, more and more high to the requirement of the yield and quality of paper, that is for paper industry production technology and product quality. Pulp and paper industry is a large water consumption industries, all kinds of raw materials needed in production all need through the water soluble liquid to run and participation. In recent years, with the increasingly along with the science and technology updates, the domestic papermaking enterprises especially the specialty paper has gradually began to replace the traditional differential pressure flowmeter with electromagnetic flowmeter in the process. At the same time, also to the requirement of manufacturers are higher, which also promotes the technical progress of electromagnetic flowmeter. A better performance and working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter and sensor, converter, and the display part is the basic composing of electromagnetic flowmeter, such as its working principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction is made of a conductive fluid flow measurement instrument. Electromagnetic flowmeter has the unique advantages of other flowmeter can't compare with, especially for the dirt fluid and corrosion fluid measurement. Electromagnetic flowmeter in the 70 s to the 80 s because of a major breakthrough in the technology, make it widely used in the field of modern industry flow monitoring instrument. Main advantages: 1) Due to measurement channels is a smooth and straight, not blocked, especially suitable for the liquid-solid two phase fluid solid particles, such as pulp, waste water and mud, no pressure loss, energy saving effect is good. ( 2) Stable and reliable performance, high precision, long service life. ( 3) Is not affected by humidity, density, viscosity of fluid, pressure change. ( 4) Flow range is big, wide diameter range. ( 5) Apply to corrosive fluid measurement. The main drawback. ( 1) Petroleum products shall not apply to the measurement of fluid. ( 2) Shall not apply to the gas, steam and liquid containing larger bubbles. ( 3) Shall not apply to the high temperature occasion. ( 4) Have a certain request for on-site installation. Second, the application of electromagnetic flowmeter papermaking industry analysis paper making is a process of continuous production, so the production line of continuous and orderly control has become a bottleneck restricting the finished paper quality and output. How to effectively the stability of the quality of the finished paper, electromagnetic flowmeter plays an important role in this respect. ( 1) The application of electromagnetic flowmeter for slurry system. For slurry system consists of the following areas: 1) Beating process. 2) Beating process. 3) Mixing process. In the process of pulp, using electromagnetic flowmeter accurately measuring pulp slurry flow, to ensure the stability of the pulp slurry, ensure the follow-up of pulp beating process stability; In the process of beating, the electromagnetic flowmeter and the regulator of the PID loop, guarantee in plate mill of plasma flow stability, improving the work efficiency of the plate mill, stable slurry clasp solution degree, and thus improve the quality of the beating; In the mixing process must meet the following conditions: (1) pulp ratio and the concentration to constant, volatility cannot exceed & plusmn; 2% ( Fluctuations in concrete according to the requirements of paper) 。 (2) to the stock stability of paper machine transmission, ensure the normal supply of the paper machine. (3) reserve a certain amount of pulp, to adapt to the change of paper machine speed and varieties. In mixing section, therefore, important is the plasma flow control. Installed in each of the pulp slurry pump discharge electromagnetic flowmeter, by the regulator to adjust slurry flow, to ensure that each size according to the technological requirements of the adjustment of the ratio of slurry flow, achieving a uniform ratio of slurry stability. ( 2) The application of electromagnetic flowmeter paper flow system.
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