Effectively solve the magnetic level gauge turning method of flange and valve failure

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-13
Because the magnetic flap liquidometer's unique characteristics and performance, the personage inside the industry unanimously agree that it is a reliable detection instrument with security, the main reason is that the magnetic level gauge with magnetic coupling isolation of airtight structure turning. Particularly applicable to flammable, explosive and toxic liquid corrosion of liquid level detection. So that the original complex environment of liquid level detection means become simple and reliable, and reliable security. The instrument is suitable for all kinds of pressure in the process of industrial production, Or open) Liquid equipment ( Tower, cylinder, chamfer, spherical vessel and boiler) The liquid medium level of detection. Can display the various in-place and working condition of liquid level height. With liquid level transmitter can be transmitted over a long distance on the surface of the liquid position signal, through certain electrical device to achieve the purpose of automatic control and measure the liquid level, for different measurement conditions and requirements, installing a magnetic flap level gauge can be adapted by supporting the installation components, which can greatly enhance the magnetic flap liquid level meter in the adaptability of the measurement. Flange of the valve is an important structural elements, magnetic level gauge turning in the process of long-term use, flanged valves can produce all kinds of fault, is also the need for regular maintenance and cleaning. When a user is briefly introduced in this paper to meet the magnetic flap level gauge flange valve fault how to solve a variety of methods. A, sealing surface leakage: 1, magnetic level gauge flange sealing surface is turning with dirt. The solution: clean the sealing surface. 2, sealing surface damage. The solution: seal face or replace the sealing surface grinding. Second, the stem of transhipment is not flexible: 1, the valve core cover joint Angle is too tight or bearing wear. Solution: adjust the packing bearing looseness or replaced. 2, the valve stem, or between a stem nut debris or dirt, the valve stem or damaged stem nut. Solution: apart to clean the valve stem, the damage to the valve replacement if the strut or stem nut. 3, opening and closing device failure. Solution: according to the device specifications, check out fault maintenance after three central magnetic level gauge flange parts turning leak reason and solution: 1, flange bolts not tight or slack uneven. Solution: the screw loosening, and homogeneous symmetric tighten again. 2, gasket damage or failure. Solution: replace the gasket. 3, between the flange sealing surface dirt. Solution: remove flange cleaning. Four, gland leakage: 1, loose packing, or packing gland partial pressure. The solution: the packing gland should be uniform pressure. 2, magnetic level gauge flange packing turning failure. Solution: change the new packing. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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