Common types of flowmeter maintenance methods, you need to know?

by:KAIDI     2021-01-22
With the development of industrial production, the accuracy of flow measurement and the demand is higher and higher, the scope of various of measured medium under different conditions in order to solve the flow measurement, various types of flowmeter thereafter. Today, kaidi flow meter manufacturer for all of the current common maintenance methods of a variety of flowmeter, hope to be of service. Volumetric flowmeter volumetric flowmeter is a kind of high accuracy of flow meter, flowmeter after put into use, especially to pay attention to the use and maintenance of the following aspects: 1, the exhaust gas: usually solid liquid, after scavenging air also remain more inside the pipeline, with pressure operation, the air with high velocity flow through the meter, measuring element in a short period of time may be running tachycardia, cause damage to the bearings. Slowly increase the traffic at the beginning, therefore, make the air spillover gradually. 2, through a pointer to its lowest level since the start, or word wheel and a stopwatch, confirmation of excessive flow, optimum flow should be controlled in 70-80% maximum flow, to ensure the service life of the instrument. 3, check the filter: a new pipeline to enable the most easily damage screen pack, after the commissioning should check whether the network is in good condition in time. In filter clean nothing at the same time record the best common flow under the pressure loss of the two parameters, so that in future work, don't need to check the network congestion, the loss of pressure can increase degree to determine whether to clean. 4, the measurement of high viscosity fluid: used for high viscosity fluid, generally should be heated to flow. After the instrument downtime, it has thickened internal liquid cooling, enabled again must first be heated to liquid viscosity after let the fluid flow through the instrument, otherwise will be biting activity components make the instrument damage. 5, avoid traffic changes sharply: using volumetric flow time, should pay attention to not have sharply changing flow ( Such as using the quick opening valve) Sharply, because the flow meter of inertia effect, changing flow will produce larger additional inertia force, make the damage of the rotor. 6, when steam washing line, should be prohibited from steam through the flowmeter. Coriolis force mass flowmeter 1, zero drift is often encountered in the operation of the coriolis mass flowmeter in the actual problem: zero drift caused by many factors, such as the installation of sensors stress, asymmetry of the structure of the measuring tube, be physical characteristic parameters such as the change of the flow. Especially in small flow measurement, the zero drift influence on measurement accuracy is more serious. So when the zero check and adjustment on a regular basis is very necessary. 2, flow meter in use process, often should pay attention to whether the parameters set by the changed, shown in the flow rate, density, temperature is normal, such as large discrepancy with the actual, according to the instruction of the narrative method to zero flow calibration. If still feel after finish the above work is not normal, should see the transmitter set inside the working parameters are correct. 3, flowmeter measurement scale (easily If produce scale, produce wax) Running status of fluid, should often checker, when flowmeter work found abnormal or deviation is larger, should first consideration is likely to scale, this sensor should be sensor to be removed, using appropriate methods of purging or cleaning process. 4, regular calibration. According to different flow applications, the regular calibration according to the requirements of standard system. Orifice meter 1, newly installed instrumentation or stop after a period of time to putting-in-service proactively standard orifice plate, before use should check whether there is any jam on lead pressure piping, whether joint leakage, the liquid medium should be filled with liquid in pipeline, pay attention to the emissions of gas pipe in the gas medium fluid discharge guide pressure pipe tube should be paid attention to. 2, used in front of the instrument should be zero in the school, close the solemn negative pressure pipe of cut-off valve, open the balance valve, inspection, correction of zero differential pressure transmitter, note & other; Zero & throughout; Is completely in positive and negative pressure cavity pressure (such as The differential pressure is zero) , check differential pressure transmitter, it is better to open small plug to the positive and negative pressure cavity to the atmosphere. 3, measuring, smudgy fluid flow need to be configured in accordance with dirt fluidization steam properties of the settler or isolator.
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