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Common failure analysis of pressure transmitter solution countermeasures

by:KAIDI     2021-02-14
In the chemical industry production, the pressure transmitter is widely used, its automatic control system also plays an important role. In order to well solve the pressure transmitter is used in the chemical industry in the process of common failure, small make up according to some experience summarized the pressure transmitter in the work of the common failure analysis and solution. A directions, pressure transmitter, pressure instability pressure instability phenomena such as volatile usually shielded wire or cable connection broken appear empty and bare cable core oxidation caused by poor contact, should check to DCS cabinets cable in the transmitter, check to see if the branch cable and main cable shielding in good condition, such as not cable problem check that should be made for transmitter amplifier oil, after scaling affects cone valve or ball valve of flexible action, the amplifier after cleaning, dry up, a wave phenomenon. Second, pressure transmitter, pressure showed no such phenomenon is usually the cable is loose, break phenomenon. From terminal ark to the junction box and cable between transmitter check point by point, pressure transmitter found loose cable fastening in a timely manner. Three instructions, pressure transmitter, pressure does not change with process conditions is usually between ontology and take pressure valve pressure transmitter tube road congestion. Accumulation in guide pipe pressure measured medium, after a long time can cause pressure can't transfer, should be regular cleaning pressure tube. Four, pressure transmitter, pressure indicator have larger deviation to examine the transducer zero point is correct, if zero drift in the transmitter, deal with to zero in the transmitter, and the transmitter are on checking, check whether the output of the transducer linear in good condition, check whether there is any problem on air pressure transmitter, sewage is abnormal, feedback pole range adjustment screw cap is loose, if there is abnormal pressure transmitter should be ruled out in time, to calibration instrument, the table returned to normal.
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