Choose metal pipe flow meter use the relevant matters needing attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-01
How users are often encountered in the use of metal tube float flowmeter correct selection and how to form a complete set of additional structure problem, we know that the correct model for the stable operation of the system and the accuracy of measurement is a very important aspect. According to embellish instrumentation science and technology in the years of experience in installing, to remind the broad masses of users in the selection and installation of meter should pay special attention to the following: 1. For high temperature measured medium ( >120℃) Or low places, usually to the flowmeter sensor part of the insulation or heat insulation measures, in order to ensure the signal converter - - - - - - Temperature indicator working environment, should choose high temperature indicator. 2. For the type selection of metal tube float flow JiJi far transmission, should choose to suit to use places the requirements of the explosion-proof type flowmeter; When installation should also pay attention to the instrument after electrify shell tighten seal and connection port, has reached the requirement of explosion protection, protection, prevent erosion. 3. For flow meter inlet medium pressure instability, especially for gas measurement, in order to ensure the precision and service life, should choose damping structure. 4. Which should be taken for some insulation or cooling of the measured medium, should choose to model flow meter. Standard of metal tube float flowmeter using DIN2501DN15PN1 heating or cooling interface. 6 flange connection, if you need other flanged or threaded connections, please specify when ordering. 5. For the requirements of the medium pressure level is higher, more than the standard pressure level, when selection please select high pressure type structure, high pressure type the HG20595 - 97 rf with neck butt weld steel pipe flanges. As with other standards, please specify when ordering. 6. Measurement and control system of the control valve, should be installed downstream of the meter. When used for gas measurement, should guarantee the working pressure is not less than 5 times of pressure loss of the flowmeter, stable work to make the flowmeter. 7. The location of the installation flowmeter should guarantee entry & ge; 5 dn straight pipe, export & not le; 250 mm straight pipe; Such as medium containing ferromagnetic material, magnetic filter should be installed in front of the meter. 8. Flowmeter installation to ensure the measuring tube verticality is better than 5%, and should be equipped with bypass, easy to maintain and clean and does not affect production. 9. Before installation of metal tube float flowmeter, the pipe welding slag purging clean; When installation to remove the flowmeter in the locking device; After installation, slowly open control valve, avoid shock damage meter. Is nearly 10 years, with the rapid development of China's ministry of industry, demand for industrial measuring instrument is also increasing year by year, directly drive the upgrading of domestic flow meter production technology progress, the industry scale expands unceasingly, sales flow meter has been rising state, but the industry is very competitive, instrumentation products on the market the good and bad are intermingled, how root self-memorial performance/price ratio, and need to buy the good product is the goal of the enterprise has been seeking. In this paper on the market. The choose and buy should pay attention to introduce several requirements: in recent years, the development of the industry, lead the instrumentation industry, along with the development of the industry, the development of domestic flow meter is faster and faster, industry scale is expanding constantly, because the development of the industry, however, will inevitably lead to more and more people into the industry, enter the competition stage, from the quality of services to obtain advantages to win the competition, better to have some way to adopt the price, and so on. That now appears on the market product quality is uneven, the flowmeter have high low price. So how do you get a suitable meter, buy a good quality of metal tube float flowmeter? At the time of flow meter use, selection is many type flowmeter is important one link before use. So how should choose according to what meter? Way: according to the price. Generally speaking, the higher the accuracy is high price. This one is according to the budget, one is according to the purpose of measurement is used to choose the accuracy grade, if it is a scientific research then accuracy will be very high. This is according to the actual situation to determine the actual requirement, if only control medium by the amount of the trial operation adjustment, later need to steady the throughput, so accuracy is secondary to the second point: measurement of objects. Object factors namely measurement types of medium size, pressure, chemical properties. Such as the liquid medium, gas medium, judge medium pressure of work, whether the corrosive medium and so on, should choose the corrosion of corrosive medium flow meter. The third point: flowmeter performance of itself. If the above 2 points are confirmed, and the price without big changes, give priority to choose needle valve is placed in the upper part of the meter; Has a larger circulation hole, is a direct flow calibration; The structure is simple; Small size of external and so on. So small flow range, can choose the ball float type, because it is stable, not easy to dust measurement, high precision, good interchangeability.
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