China science and technology system reform to promote scientific instruments sharing work in full swing

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-07

In recent years, with the country to continue strengthening its support of science and technology innovation, for China's science and technology and the influence of the depth and breadth of the whole society than people think, the influence of people's life and production of science and technology innovation in all aspects of society caused great influence, support for the economic and social development and the leading role of science and technology is becoming more and more prominent. 。 According to the department of science and technology personnel, the third plenary session of the eighteenth sure all tasks are methodically rapid advance of science and technology system reform, many reforms have been preliminary revealed, related data show that in 2015, our country science and technology progress contribution rate of 55. 1%, the national innovation ability ranks up to the 18th in the world. Science and technology plan management reform, scientific research facilities open sharing, reform and improve the system of academician, and promote transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation is a landmark, lead and backbone of task, technology expectation and the whole society attention. According to introducing, major research facilities in the country and open large scientific instruments sharing, on the basis of understanding domestic resource base of science and technology, large domestic scientific instruments have been established database, has large scientific instrument of up to 6. 70000 ( Set) Worth more than $110 billion. Unified network management service platform has been basically completed, has gradually dispersed instruments and equipment should be brought into the unified management platform. In 2015, through the platform to support the check to reduce the central fiscal large instruments and equipment to repeat purchase funds of 3. 2 billion yuan. In addition, the open service of perfecting policy incentives. Ministry of Finance, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, for example, start the important scientific research infrastructure and large scientific instrument after open sharing subsidies pilot work; The colleges and universities and research institutes to establish scientific instruments facilities open service evaluation mechanism, promote belongs to the Ministry of Education college, Chinese Academy of Sciences has established more than 80 scientific research facilities open management system; New revised claim additional deduction of enterprise r&d to allow enterprises to research and development activities of instruments and equipment maintenance expenses claim additional deduction in scope. On the open service pilot demonstration, choose the 10 colleges and universities and scientific research institutes such as tsinghua university, the zhongguancun science and technology zone of the three and seven provinces city such as Beijing open service, make the micro, small and medium enterprises have the opportunity to use colleges and compound of the high-end equipment to carry out the scientific and technological innovation. Pilot has achieved initial success in the past year, such as the concentration of 90 research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences of the nearly 4000 sets of large equipment open sharing, provide services to 7. 01 million hours. Scientific instruments facilities in full swing open sharing system for managing public resources, reduce duplication of investment, improve the utilization rate of large-scale high-end equipment, what is more important for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises can't afford huge purchase expenses of research project to develop a new pipeline, this to the innovation, research and development of small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology will bring huge benefit, also will bring profound influence on the cause of China's science and technology. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument.                          

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