Chemical automation instrument installation engineering construction characteristics and the concrete method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-14
In this paper: chemical automation instrument is basic equipment in the chemical production, and ensure that chemical production automation for guarantee, for instrument installation project is a process of systematic, * * is very strong, the lack of * * operation, will cause hidden trouble to the future production run, seriously affect the efficiency and effectiveness of production, and even cause harm to the personal safety of operators, this must be addressed at the initial planning enterprise project. The rapid development of modern petrochemical industry, the production equipment large scale, highly automated, intelligent, informatization has become an inevitable trend, and form a complete set of automation instrument usage is becoming more and more big, the great consumption of such as the production of electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, such as the flow measurement device, has fully realized the intelligent and high degree of automation. In order to ensure the production device can smooth and safe operation, high yield and long cycle of automation instrument installation work also put forward higher requirements. Article the paper discusses the characteristics of chemical industry automation instrument installation, follow the principle, instrument installation of several stages, as well as the work of each stage and the concrete construction method. Combined with the author's work in the automation instrument installation management practice practice, looking for your installation work. A, the characteristics of automation instrument installation and follow the principle of ( 1) Automation instrument installation points, more wide surface, large volume, high technical requirements, installation of cross homework more, late time focused on the main installation engineering; ( 2) Automation instrument for process service this feature determines its and process equipment, process piping, civil, electrical, insulation and non-standard production and so on various * *, must maintain close cooperation and collaboration. The installation process, automatic control * * often require active, even for the tail from wagging the dog to make local concessions, to complete the final installation tasks; ( 3) Automation instrument installation project construction principle is: civil engineering after the first installation, after the first underground floor, on both ends of the first installation of equipment and piping layout, first ( Control room, turf, field and on-site instrument) After the middle ( Cable trough, junction box, protection tube, cable, electrical, and instrument piping, etc. ) 。 Instrument equipment installation should follow the principle is: after the first, the first after the high low, heavy light after first. Instrument calibration should follow the principle is: first, after checking, inter-school after single school first, first single loop again complex circuit, after the first single point network; ( 4) Instrument installation general requirements: * emphasize reasonable first, and then the beautiful, avoid by all means air with water, transverse uneven, vertical, straight to clean, bright, clean and neat. Second, automation instrument automation instrument installation generally can be divided into three stages, namely the construction preparation stage, construction stage, commissioning completion stage.
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