Central air conditioning using ultrasonic hot and cold scale measurement application analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-07

For central air conditioning system of cold heat metering has been in the industry to have a job, the traditional way of measuring is often not install complex, is measuring, in industry production are in urgent need of simple installation, as well as a way to achieve the accurate measurement of measuring equipment. The company to market demand, organize experts and technical personnel to the development of a clamp type ultrasonic cold heat scale, RZ - 1158 lh ultrasonic hot and cold scale is designed for central air conditioning system design of a cold, heat quantity two-way energy meter, can be carried out on the cooling and heating metering and billing, the feedback of the market is quite good, this paper make the following instructions for the specific selection method: central air conditioning system measuring process diagram ( The central air conditioning system measuring process chart) 1. Choose the appropriate installation. Both in total pipeline and in charge of the way, to ensure the enough straight pipe, generally after the first 10 5. Try to avoid elbows, valves, pumps and other equipment, if the distance is too close to these facilities, fluid flow, the pipe is not so stable, can cause certain influence on measurement accuracy. 2. Choose the appropriate installation method. If it is the main channel of large diameter, more than 300 mm, suggest preferred Z method of installation, the sensor installed on both sides of the horizontal position, if it is a vertical pipe, should pay attention to in the direction of flow from down to up, to ensure that the pipe water pipe full state. If it is less than 100 mm in charge of the way choice V method of installation. 3. Select the appropriate flow sensor. RZ - 1158 there are three kinds of lh ultrasonic hot and cold scale sensor: external clip-on, plug-in, pipe sections, selection principle is according to the field situation and conditions. If it is a new pipelines, has not yet been put into use, and conditions allow, can give priority to the pipe sections of sensors, as long as the flange butt when installation can be normal use. If old pipes, have been put into normal use, is not convenient to stop and less convenient to cut pipe, chooses the priority type sensor, when installation, simply type parameters such as pipe diameter and wall thickness, installation of sensors, and then to bind sensor on the pipeline. 4. The selection and installation of the temperature sensor. RZ - 1158 lh ultrasonic hot and cold scale work must calculate the inlet pipe and the temperature difference between the return pipe, so is configured with two temperature sensors, used for the convenience of the user's site, design the clip-on outside temperature sensor and plug-in temperature sensor for the user to choose from, selection principle with flow sensor. When installation will be one of the temperature sensor installed in the inlet pipe and the other one is installed on the return water pipe. 5. Network Settings. For the convenience of the user meter reading and management, the product standard RS - 485 communication interface and 4 ~ 20 ma output interface, easy set up according to specifications. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument.                        

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