Any further technical information about Kaidi?
The technology adopted in Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a system scheduling the manufacture of products and managing stock inventory. The production technology enables the brand to optimize costs, minimize inventory and maintain a steady work flow. Usually the production technology can help identify production blockages and sense capacity constraints.

Gradually, Kaidi is dominating the major markets in China. We are a company excel at developing and producing quality liquid level transmitter. We will show you the magnetic level gauge series that is most popular with customers. The design of KAIDI level indicator takes lots of factors into consideration. They include fabric type, coating, tensile strength, and behavior under fire and ultraviolet light. This product has the advantage of chemical resistance. The product is non-toxic. The raw materials used in it are exclusively dyed with ecologically-friendly and chemically safe agents. This product has the advantage of chemical resistance.

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