Analysis of the diffusion silicon pressure transmitter with different capacitance transducer

by:KAIDI     2021-02-14
Pressure transmitter is introduced: general type pressure transmitter using piezoresistive pressure sensor. Piezoresistive sensor is a kind of pressure sensor. Piezoresistive pressure sensor is also called diffusion silicon pressure sensor. Piezoresistive pressure transducer, sensor signal after the signal processing circuit is converted into a standard signal output, product after long term aging and stability assessment process strict screening, such as stable and reliable performance. Used in outdoor environment is poor, the scene, at the same time requirements to field observation pressure display, need moving zero and span adjustment. Areas of application: applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power, light industry, textiles, building materials, hydrogeology, food, medicine, environment control and so on industry process control and stress measurement. Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter with the contrast of capacitance transducer based detection signal fundamental difference lies in the different. And the corresponding circuit and structure are different. Capacitive transducer signals is the basis of the electric capacity; Diffusion silicon transducer signals is the basis of the resistance value. Capacitance in the pressure sensitive components of the displacement of the diaphragm, lead to the diaphragm and adjacent electrode capacitance change and check out the pressure; Diffusion silicon pressure sensitive element under the action of displacement of the diaphragm, the force in diffusion silicon material, make the diffusion resistance changes of silicon and check out the pressure. Capacitor using the physical properties, so the main restricted by manufacturing level; Diffusion silicon using the physical properties of the material, so greatly influenced by the material. The diffusion silicon in terms of volume, price advantage; But influenced by the stability of the diffusion silicon, the life of the poor precision. Shandong Katie with its own sensors and intelligent circuit board core technology, can according to customer's requirement, low cost to extension deformation of core technology, implement personalized product customization. The main products are: pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, flow meter, temperature sensor and material level ( Liquid level transmitter manufacturers, for our country electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, cement, mining and other industries to provide high performance than the industrial automatic transmitter manufacturers products.
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