Analyses the advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic flowmeter and connections in the line

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-03
Electromagnetic flow meter as a industrial production field usage on very large flow type, application scope is very broad, the adaptability of its superior performance and measurement requirements, get the user's consistent approval. Their electromagnetic flowmeter is not qualified, need to users in the early attention model selection of the products, according to the specific conditions of the unit choose other more suitable varieties of flow meter. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement channel advantages of electromagnetic flowmeter is a shine a smooth straight pipe flow detection, because of not easy to block suitable for measuring the solid-liquid two-phase fluid containing solid particles, such as pulp, coal water slurry, pulp, mud and water, etc. Electromagnetic flowmeter is not formed by the testing flow pressure loss, the resistance of the meter is only the same along the length of pipe resistance and energy-saving effect is remarkable, for low resistance loss of large diameter for water pipes. Electromagnetic flowmeter by the measured volume flow is, in fact is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity slowly changing apparent effect. Compared with most other flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeter lower front straight pipe requirements. Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement range, usually those days ~ 50: l, optional wide flow rate range. The full value of the liquid flow rate at 0. Selected within 5 ~ 10 m/s. Some models of instrument can be according to the need to expand and to reduce the flow at the scene, For example, has four digits potentiometer setting instrument constant) And don't have to take low offline real flow calibration. Electromagnetic flow meter diameter range than other varieties of flow meters wide, from a few millimeters to 3 m. Measurable positive and negative two-way flow, also measurable pulsating flow, as long as the pulse frequency is below a lot of excitation frequency. The instrument output is linear in nature. Easy to contact with the fluid are selected material varieties, can be used in corrosive fluid. The limitations of electromagnetic flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter can measure liquid conductivity is very low, such as oil products and organic solvents etc. Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure gas, steam and liquid containing a higher proportion of large air bubbles. Universal electromagnetic flowmeter because of lining materials and electrical insulation materials, can not be used in high temperature liquid; Some models of instrument used for below room temperature of liquid, by measuring tube condensation ( Or cream) And destroy the insulation electromagnetic flowmeter in the pipeline installation connection mode electromagnetic flow meter for measuring equipment in the petrochemical industry plays a very important role, is indispensable to measurement meter, but in the process of practical application, the electromagnetic flow meter as measurement of flow meter, the application in the installation process installation method is not familiar with a lot of people, so as the electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer * * ( Million tt&c equipment ( Huaian) Co. , LTD. ) Technology department in detail, the installation details for you: electromagnetic flowmeter in flow volume of medium, must first be connected to the pipe can be measured, below we will introduce its connection mode have? * first introduce more traditional flange connection: it can be installed in a one-way, general application of small pipes. This is due to the electromagnetic flowmeter has can be connected at both ends of the flange, so when connected to the pipe, as long as the good bolted flange and pipe flange is ok. Secondly introduce clamp installed connection: this approach is generally used in electromagnetic flowmeter without flange connection, its connection mode is simple, as long as the general staff can know its installation method are analyzed, less trouble. Then there is threaded connection: the connection mode is commonly used in medical, food, oil, and other fields. After the introduction of health type connection also known as clamp connections: using this method, not only can be quickly installed, remove the electromagnetic flowmeter, at the same time also convenient for its cleaning and maintenance. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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