After watching these need not afraid of 3051 liquid level transmitter installation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-09
After watching these need not afraid of 3051 liquid level transmitter installed 3051 belongs to the category of pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter its application field is very wide, is often used in the chemical plants, power plants, machinery used in the field of light industry and other industries. Besides with the advantages of unique design features, also has a diverse category, and easy to use performance characteristics: 3051 liquid level transmitter is suitable for the use of dangerous situation, because it has strong ability of explosion-proof, here refers to the ability of explosion proof includes two aspects of content, namely isolating explosion proof, safety explosion-proof. 3051 liquid level transmitter has the characteristics of simple structure, is advantageous in installation, maintenance, and removal work. At the same time, it also has excellent corrosion resistance, no power supply etc. 3051 using standardized production, liquid level transmitter in practical application, its interchangeability, alternative is very good. The diversity of the measured medium, not only can be used for liquid level measurement, can also be used for the liquid interface measurement. Warning device design, the detection effect in place, and so on, is to avoid the abnormal damage of transmitter plays an important role in the formation and safety accidents. On the numerical display, liquid level transmitter 3051 due to the internal with LDC template, so it shows very clear and intuitive. For a high degree of pressure sensitive, can timely, accurately reflect these changes. At the same time, the liquid level transmitter 3051 also has a wide range that advantage. 3051 liquid level transmitter installation steps in detail: 1, confirm the cabinet 3051 liquid level transmitter power unloaded; 2, confirm the liquid level transmitter 3051 lead pressure pipe joint and the pressure head without sundry; 3, 3051 installed on the bracket, liquid level transmitter with screwdriver fastening screws; 4, with adjustable wrench connection and 3051 lead liquid level transmitter pressure pipe joint; 5, use explosion-proof phillips screwdriver remove 3051 liquid level transmitter cover plate, according to the terminal wiring diagram properly connected signal lines; 6, 3051 liquid level transmitter power supply connected; 7, in the station control room with zero and full calibration HART com; 8, confirmed that open the liquid level transmitter 3051 root valve and inlet valve and close the vent valve.
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