About the sewage treatment process categories the analysis of the characteristics and selection of sewage flow meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-18
In industrial and living sewage purification processing, the need for the production of each link of the sewage flow achieves real-time monitoring and surveillance, traffic data is not only related to the production's stability, and also for the evaluation of enterprises production efficiency high and low data support. In order to do this, you need to use a lot of flow meter. How to choose according to different measuring field need different types of flow meter is very exquisite, selection of technical engineers must to the factory has no sewage type and other related data for an overall consideration to be sure. In this article is for sewage measurement under the condition of different kinds of technology selection. A flowmeter, weir flowmeter and groove to/drain for open channel, has the nature of free surface flow, or some drain and sewer pipe canal, not open, but not pressure, not filled with water in a state of flow, in fact belong to open channel, weir flowmeter and slot type flowmeter can be used for measurement. Its advantages are: high measuring accuracy, good reliability, no special requirements for liquid. Groove type flowmeter in the water solids precipitation and hardly with flow discharge, weir flowmeter in the channel to the closure but detecting element structure is relatively simple, short straight pipe requirements, tank water level meter up smaller than weir flowmeter, apply to not allowed to have a big gap between channels, etc. But its drawback is that: the head loss is big, cannot be used for close to smooth the channel of the ground, straight pipe upstream weir flowmeter is longer than slot type flowmeter, easy accumulation of solids, upstream weir to regular cleaning, groove type flowmeter in the channel to load a tank but detection structure is relatively complex, etc. Weir flowmeter flume with right-angled triangle weir ( 60° Or 90 & deg; ) As wide, rectangular weir and dam, etc. Groove type flowmeter flume with a variety of forms, there are mainly of rectangular open channel slot (P Commonly used) The PB chamfer and circular open channel. Weir flowmeter and slot type flowmeter flow measurement liquid level gauge is used to indirectly, therefore must with non-contact ultrasonic type level gauge to measure the liquid level, continuous and formulated in accordance with the flow relationship with liquid level to calculate flow value, such as a kind of ultrasonic level meter and triangle weir with flow measuring accuracy can reach & plusmn; ( 1. 00 ~ 3. 00) %× FS, and rectangular weir with flow measuring accuracy can reach & plusmn; ( 1. 00 ~ 5. 00) %× The FS and the groove bashir's ( The P slot) With the flow measurement precision can reach & plusmn; ( 3. 00 ~ 4. 00) %× FS。 Note that in order to guarantee the normal use of ultrasonic type level gauge, measurement point must avoid surface has a large number of bubbles. Second, the velocity of flow - water flow velocity - water level meter is actually the level ( Often use pressure, static pressure type and ultrasonic level meter) And flow meter ( Often USES the method of time difference ultrasonic flowmeter, doppler ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter) Portfolio, it also belongs to the open channel flow meter, are often placed in a rectangular open channel, use the level gauge to measure liquid level ( For rectangular open channel width is known circulation area is known) , use the meter to flow velocity ( Using the method of time difference ultrasonic flowmeter measurement is the line average flow velocity, measurement of doppler ultrasonic flowmeter is mean velocity of measuring point velocity or local small area) , multiply the flow rate value can be got. From the more general sense, the sewage treatment plant to be processed sewage opaque entrance, pressure type or static pressure type level gauge failure rate is higher, the doppler ultrasonic flowmeter was suitable; Sewage treatment plant export after purification of sewage is relatively clear, static pressure type level gauge and the method of time difference ultrasonic flowmeter was suitable; Electromagnetic flowmeter flow velocity can apply ( In a sense is full tube electromagnetic flowmeter) 。 Its advantages are: small head loss, wide measuring range, measurable reverse flow, solid material little precipitation and water with flow discharge, don't need to change channels. The downside is upstream/downstream straight pipe to have enough long straight drainage channels, straight pipe upstream is longer than weir flowmeter and slot type flowmeter. Three electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter is a measurement of electrical conductivity of ideal fluid volume flow meter, so it is suitable for sewage flow measurement, from sewage after precipitation concentrated into the centrifugal machine, centrifugal machine entrance sludge flowmeter using electromagnetic flowmeter can get very good proof, in this sense, the electromagnetic flowmeter belong to the universal meter. Its advantage is: the sensor installed in pipe for smooth and straight, no obstruction, no wear, small pressure loss, have no moving parts, high reliability, good long-term stability, free maintenance; Wide measurement range, ensure the accuracy of the measurement range of up to 40 in general.
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