3488 d multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-03
RZ - 3488 d multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter is a wide range of applications, high measure precision, high reliability, multi-function products, suitable for the occasion of application in the measurement of large diameter trade settlement, built constant multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter using the velocity distribution and the cross-sectional area partitioning integral calculation flow way, the error caused by the unstable flow to small and medium by measuring the velocity distribution can reflect the pipe flow state, effectively improve the measurement accuracy, especially suitable for the occasion of section before and after a short; RZ - 3488 d multichannel pipeline is built in shenzhen heng company technologies used in ultrasonic flowmeter PicoFly, PicoFly measurement technology for governments focus on purchasing products, is one of the current national ultrasonic flow measurement technology, military, aerospace and calibration device * *, in fact - 3488 d multichannel quantum time using ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of measuring method, is the successful application of quantum time space view on the measurement of time. PicoFly using holographic signal with time scale, using signal rising along the break through the traditional measurement method, use material space research time, for & other; Throughout time cloud &; Found a clear boundary. RZ - 3488 d multi-channel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter PicoFly technology successfully transcend the classical time measuring way, makes flight time measurement resolution and signal measurement rate has been a sharp rise, provide better on multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter measurement data and solutions. Built by multichannel pipeline is a ultrasonic flowmeter PicoFly technology on the conductor signal transmission time measurement resolution to obtain picosecond level and independent measuring rate of 9500. PicoFly has been successfully used in ultrasonic flow measurement, the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement accuracy was improved and implemented high response, high dynamic, high stability of the zero measurement, solves the low velocity of flow measurement difficulties. RZ - 3488 d multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter can show the instantaneous flow, velocity distribution, the working state of the accumulated flow, each track, the multichannel ultrasonic flowmeter has 4 - 20 ma output, pulse output, relay output, RS - 485 interface, the Modbus communication protocol, convenient remote data, at the same time, build constant multichannel ultrasonic flowmeter optional GPRS accessories, for remote data acquisition, on the other hand, can also be equipped with backup battery, prevent the external power supply affect measurement, backup battery can achieve reserve 12 hours or 24 hours, at the same time, build constant multichannel ultrasonic flow meter relay output alarm, make the maintenance personnel can timely know its external power supply, if USES the GPRS wireless communication, can cooperate with PC to realize notice more, make the maintenance and management personnel to know usage. In addition, multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter of form a complete set with explosion-proof chassis, lightning protection power supply to choose, to adapt it to the petrochemical industry, coal mine such as explosion-proof required. RZ - 3488 d multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter technology parameters: accuracy: the measured values of & plusmn; 0. 5%,± 0. 2% of sensor types: optional plug-in, flange pipe sections of temperature range: normal temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, high temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 180 ℃ diameter range: (~ 48 '), protection grade: IP68, flow units: M3 / hr, M3 / min, M3 / SEC, g/min, kg/hr, Usg/hr, Uskg/hr, 1 / min, 1 / SEC track number: 2 ~ 8 channels, cable length: 9 m X 2 installation: hang a wall, the velocity range: 0 ~ & plusmn; Accuracy of 7 m/s: 0. Level 2, 0. Level 5; Operation mode: the keyboard and display: 20 x2 characters, power supply: AC220V, optional DC24V; Flowmeter casing: cast aluminum chassis, protection grade: IP65; Output: 4 - 20 ma, OCT pulse output and relay output; Communication: RS - 485 communication interface, support the Modbus protocol; The I/O options, standard: 4 - 20 ma output, pulse output, relay output, GPRS function ( Please consult the manufacturer) ; Transmitter chassis shell: cast aluminum chassis, explosion-proof: ExdIIBT4, ExdIICT4, ExdIIBT6, ExdIICT4; Sensor description: W210 room temperature plug, pressure rating: 1. 6MPa; Protection grade: IP68, measuring diameter: actuators (2 'to 48'), temperature range: - 40℃~+80℃; Flange pipe sections (to 24 '), room temperature pipe sections, pressure rating: 1. 6MPa; Protection grade: IP68, temperature range: - 20℃~+80℃; Number: multichannel 2-channel flowmeter ( Caliber DN100 and above) , 3 channel flow meter ( Diameter 6 and above) , 4 channel flow meter ( Size 12 and above) , 5 channel flow meter ( Caliber DN400 and above) , 6 channel flow meter ( Caliber DN500 and above) ; A kind of economic and practical analysis of the ultrasonic flow meter, alternative electromagnetic, turbine and differential pressure type flowmeter, etc. It adopted the intelligent adaptive acoustic technology, long-term trusted, no drift measurement; Using PicoFly gathering technology, strengthen the continuous measurement signal, is the same * * ultrasonic flowmeter brands instrumentation.
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