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by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-26
Today explained the glass level gauge, inspcetion liquid level meter, float type level gauge, differential pressure gauge, heavy hammer material level meter, capacitive liquid level gauge, magnetic level gauge, magnetic susceptibility electronic double color turning water level meter, ultrasonic level meter and so on various level gauge installation to use, and the analysis of the matters needing attention, to determine the level of possible fault phenomenon and how to deal with, let instrument system understanding level gauge, to meet working conditions to select the level, which provides the basis for make accurate judgment. There are many different kinds of material level meter, according to detection methods can be divided into: direct reading type, differential pressure, buoyancy, magnetic, acoustic, radiation and so on. Different kinds of liquid level meter have different applicable occasions, installation, maintenance plan. Glass level gauge glass tube liquid level meter, as a kind of simple and convenient material level measurement equipments, is widely used in industry. Glass tube liquid level meter is mainly of direct instructions apply to all kinds of cans, tower, the height of the trough, boxes and other containers within the medium level. Instrument has simple structure, easy to use. 1. How putting-in-service proactively glass level gauge? 1. Check the correct installation, level gauge intact 2. If equipment to gauge how the valves, the first open except the level or bring the most close to the level 3 of the valve. 缓慢打开上部针型气阀直至全开4. Slowly open the bottom liquid type needle valve fully open valve until 5. 进行液位计冲洗操作并在冲洗中排除引压管堵的可能。 Note: when you open the valve and flushing operation open valve slowly, to prevent liquid level gauge blowout preventer action cause blockage. 2. Glass level gauge how purging the lining of the oil? During the period of construction, the inner wall of the glass level gauge with oil, which cause some difficulties to observe the liquid level. Clean-up's solution was to use the point 1. 5 mpa steam purging. 1. Wear labor protection articles such as gloves, goggles, etc. ; 2. Shut up and lead to the valve; 3. Open the vent and discharge condensate valve; 4. From the nearest service point lead a steam belt; 5. Because glass to steam preheating, over a long distance, build the best stand on high; 6. 空阀门吹入蒸汽由排凝阀排除; 7. Blow until clean. Hydrogenation, given the glass level gauge and inspcetion level gauge the stress levels of material manufacturing, glass level gauge is generally used in low pressure system part, inspcetion level gauge is often used in high pressure system. Inspcetion washing step 1 level 1 magnetic level gauge turning. Before washing liquid level gauge to check whether the dirty oil system flow is smooth, prevent the low pressure pipeline and oil tank overpressure. Dirty oil tank level, to prevent tank. 2. Shut up, down roots lead to valve. 3. 打开排凝阀稍开上引出阀。 Oil will be rushed to the sewage tank. 4. Closed condensate and leading the valves. 5. Slowly open the valve derivation, in case of deformation or fracture and float to introduce closed after oil. 6. Then open the discharge condensate valve will be rushed to the sewage tank. 7. Repeated several times, usually 2 ~ 3 times, until is rinsed clean. Magnetic level gauge turning frame if rushed out, available magnet brush back. 2. How do inspcetion level gauge putting-in-service proactively? 1. After rinse, close the liquidometer blow-down and coagulation. 2. Slowly open the lead hand valve, gas phase into the level 3. Slowly open the valve lead hand. The container liquid flow to liquid level gauge. Float type level gauge float type level gauge common failure 1 buoy. Float crane has a better result in float and friction are compared. in addition, the offset part of the liquid surface friction buoyancy, indicating value is not allowed. 2. Precipitation of impurities in the buoy because buoy inside medium is in a state of relative rest, almost caused many impurities precipitation in buoy, sludge to float gets stuck, even if the liquid level change, float stuck unable to action, can appear the output value remains the same. Processing: shut up the roots of stop valve, drain valve, water cleaning the inner wall of the buoy 3. Float hooks to fall off due to tripping, float sink to the bottom of the buoy torque tube without hanging heavy, equivalent to the level of full scale. ( According to 110%) 处理:把浮子挂扣挂好后投表会运行正常。
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