Winter is here! Automation instrument factory for you, the most complete knowledge of the heat preservation heat tracing instrument

by:KAIDI     2021-01-31
In winter, especially winter in the north, with the reduction of the temperature when the measured medium by measuring the pipeline for a transmitter, often appear the environment temperature is too low freezing, coagulation and precipitation crystallization occur, due to environment temperature is too low and beyond the normal working temperature range of instrument used, directly affect the accuracy of the meter display. The pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature and other kinds of instrument, the measured medium is liquid, more affected by low temperature, it is easier to cause measurement error, severe cases may cause poisoning, fire, explosion and other accidents. So every year winter, instrument and meter cold-weather antifreeze work is particularly important. Early and a few large instrument users have more ready to deal with, such as power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, water and so on all make the instrument suitable for your business warm antifreeze work system, and the instrument of antifreeze, sewage treatment and so on various aspects of work. This issue, we explore the instrument to the user how to instrument for winter warm antifreeze work a meter and the purpose of pipeline insulation, heat preservation purpose, is to ensure that the instrument and testing, the normal work of the control system, reduce the additional measurement error. Through heat preservation should meet when object detection results should not be a freeze, condensation, crystallization. The phenomenon such as precipitation. Low instrument should be in a technical conditions the allowed working temperature range. Second-ranking instrument piping within the medium temperature should be between 20 to 80 degrees; The temperature of the heat preservation box should be between 15 to 20 degrees. Second, the heat preservation object low pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter installed in the heat preservation box transmitter, etc. Low buoy type, external ball float liquid level transmitter or other forms of outdoor installation the liquid level of transmitting unit. Low pressure, differential pressure, flow meter test line. Low steam flow measurement, a pressure instrument piping components between the transmitting unit. Low length is greater than 1 m in situ testing pressure instrument of pressure pipeline. 3, heat preservation material low instrument piping insulation adopt colligation method commonly used in the pipe heat preservation heat preservation structure, divided into two parts, insulation layer and protective layer. Common materials for low thermal insulation layer are cement perlite shell, superfine glass wool pipe shell, asbestos tape, superfine glass wool, polystyrene foam plastics. Common material for low layer are plain glass cloth belt for the grease, asphalt, asphalt felt paper, galvanized sheet, mixed paint. Four, insulation check meter heat preservation heat tracing, is one of the content of the instrument work routine maintenance, it is related to energy conservation, to prevent freezing, ensure the normal operation of instrument measurement system, is a work of instrument maintenance can not be ignored. The strong regional and seasonal comparison of the work. Winter, instrument circuit check should observe insulation condition, check piped in process equipment and instrument, such as oval gear flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter ( Vortex street flowmeter) , turbine flowmeter and mass flowmeter, flange type differential pressure transmitter, float level gauge and the regulator valve and so on heat preservation condition, observe the heat preservation material ever fall off, ever wet by rain caused insulation materials doesn't work. Individual instrument need heat preservation heat tracing, check the heating condition, handle in time when problems found. Also check the differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter pipe insulation, check the insulation heat preservation box. Differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter tube material because in a stationary state, sometimes outside heat preservation heat tracing is necessary, have electricity heating with heat and steam heating. For electric heating should check the power supply voltage, open, guarantee the normal operation.
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