Why measurement of weak acid liquid level should choose magnetic flap level gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-30
Problems such as the topic, to answer this question, to know the working principle of magnetic level gauge turning and installation. Generally used in the magnetic liquid level gauge measuring turning installation with top loading or way to by-pass pipe side. Known as the lateral mounted magnetic flap and top mounted magnetic flap. Its working principle is the magnetic flap main body mounted to the frame level indicator, liquid level switch and liquid level transmitter. Magnetic unit in float through are connected to the floating ball plunger inside or the outside, when magnetic floating ball joint unit with liquid level change, make the magnetic patch ( Magnetic flap) Turn over; Actually to be in this step, the scene display function has been achieved. If the need for liquid level height limit and alarm signal output, you will need to add magnetic liquid level switch, it will move at the corresponding level, to control the height of the liquid and photoelectric alarm or sound alarm; If you need to transport liquid level signal of distance and can form a complete set of remote transmission device, the way is under the action of magnetic float liquid level sensor, the change of output standard resistance signal, again through the transmitter converts the signal resistance 4 ~ 20 ma current signal output, so as to realize the remote monitoring and remote control is controlled in the. Industrial production often encounter all kinds of acid and alkali liquid, usually in the measurement of this kind of weak acid liquid, the staff are all very headache, because don't know how to choose the magnetic flap liquid level meter, because many material in case of acid and alkali liquid level gauge in chemical reaction, not only lead to the measuring accuracy is not high, but also affect the service life of the instrument, here share with you the measurement of weak acid application in liquid level gauge. * we want to analyze the characteristics of weak acid liquid under the first. 1, weak acid, acidic, weak corrosion. It is generally 304 (material specification for level gauge But the good choose 316 l) 。 : 2, storage tank and pressure, liquid level meter production experience for many years, according to my company and the reference principle of all kinds of liquid level meter, we recommend stainless steel magnetic level gauge, turning with liquid level transmitter remote transmission. ( As long as the manufacturer to provide the proportion of acetic acid) 3, weak acid storage tank, from safety management standard, need to install the level is set high and low level alarm. This medium flavor is bigger, but not the liquid viscosity, no material impurities, under normal temperature for liquid, crystal, from the point of the medium conditions, economy, suits, intuitive, reliable, low failure rate, choice, should choose stainless steel magnetic level gauge with turning transmitter is good; The liquid level meter, the intuitive, reliable measurement and low failure rate. 4, if it is a horizontal tank, also can use magnetic flap liquid level meter, but should choose magnetic flap ball float level gauge. Therefore, when measuring the liquid must be presented clear liquid state, whether the acid and alkali liquid, because of such measure liquids have special liquid level meter, * * is good. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure container liquid medium level measurement. In addition to the instructions, also can match remote transmitter, alarm, Control) Switch, indicating the function is complete. Instructions is novel, intuitive reading and striking, observe indicator according to user needs to change in the direction of the point of view. Wide measuring range, without being limited by the reservoir height, indicating device and is completely isolated measured medium, good sealing, high reliability, the use of safe. Simple structure, convenient installation, low maintenance cost. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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