Why mass flowmeter for temperature pressure compensation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-19
On the market at present most of the flow meter measure the volume flow of the medium, increasing market demand, in many applications need to directly measure the medium quality, so you need to measure mass flowmeter and mass flowmeter at the time of measurement, by job factors, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, temperature, pressure compensation is a must. Commonly used only the vast number of the flowmeter can directly measure the volume of fluid, and can't direct measurement of the quality, if we only measure the fluid volume in the current working conditions, the instrument can be directly displayed. But if the meter table shows for fluid quality, fluid quality data is through the calculation of fluid volume of real-time sampling parameters and density multiplication and the product of the results ( Quality = X volume density) Not directly measure the quality of the fluid. As a traffic instrument, its measured data must be accurate, if we want to measure the quality of the fluid when it involves a question: is the fluid density is constant. If the fluid density is consistent, then as long as the density of the fluid parameters can be fixed on the instrument, but in the case of the density of the fluid is constantly changing, how to do? At this time will be constantly according to the current flow condition of fluid density parameters adjustment, this in the flow measurement, according to the flow condition of fluid density parameters adjustment is density compensation. The so-called pressure compensation is actually according to the pressure in the working condition of fluid parameters, to adjust the fluid density values. If only according to the working condition of fluid in the measuring of temperature or pressure of two parameters of a certain parameter to adjust the density parameter approach is called temperature compensation or pressure compensation, but if at the same time, according to the temperature and pressure parameters to adjust the density of the approach is called the temperature and pressure compensation. Instrument and meter plant mass flowmeter is in the leading position in the domestic, research and development production of mass flowmeter with automatic compensation function, as long as the instrument setup, and will meet the requirements of the instrument input temperature and pressure signal input, the instrument in a state, is set to automatically compensate automatically find out the current condition of fluid density, calculate and show the instantaneous mass flow parameters. Kaidi instrument equipment factory, specializing in the selection, professional offer, summarize the experiences of production lines for many years, working to develop a variety of flow measurement products, according to the needs of different customers, the requirements of different customers equipment, professional custom-made all kinds of non-standard meter products, fully in accordance with the customer to provide parameters and requirements for customers & other; Tailored & throughout; , & other; Quality first, customer first & throughout; The light of policy, to ensure product quality long-term stability, and constantly improve to provide users with high-quality products and perfect service. Ensure that Katie instrument equipment factory factory flow meter for the maximum effect, to the customers bring more convenience and benefits. Friendship remind: buy flow meters, liquid level meter, pressure gauges, temperature instruments, calibration instruments, digital display instrument, please call the opening of the hotline 24 hours a day for you; 0517 - 86899897 or 13813318718, understand the brand, details and instructions, please read this website welcome customers all over the country provinces and cities and the agent to the company to discuss cooperation! If you want to get more information and services, please contact us immediately, you will enjoy the unparalleled service and quality products! Your support is our continuous pursuit of the goal!
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