Why is the magnetic level gauge turning cans, tank, spherical, tower and other container liquid level monitor first choice

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-30
 magnetic level gauge is a turning is very common for many places of level measurement instrument types, in particular, we can often in the kind of towers, tanks, tank, spherical vessel and boiler equipment such as see its presence in the medium level of detection, the characteristics of the liquid level meter liquid level gauge is the simple structure, observe the intuitive, clear, no blocking, no leakage, convenient installation, easy maintenance. It can achieve high sealing, leakage protection and is suitable for high temperature and high pressure, corrosion resistance, the product of adaptive performance is very good. Measure without blind area, the whole process that clear, large measuring range, according to the measured medium can choose different material is qualitative, the properties of the material of the main body of magnetic flap and parts for 1 cr18ni9ti, 316 l, 1 cr18ni9ti lining PTFE (0 cr18ni9ti, Ptfe) , the material such as PVC, PP and imported components, through selecting proper material can make the instrument has good reliability and corrosion resistance. Magnetic level gauge turning from the beginning of the invention was the petroleum, chemical industry and so on many need level measurement unit, why these occasions are preferred magnetic flap liquid level gauge as the tool of measuring control. The characteristics of the magnetic level gauge turning are inseparable with us, we can offer the following four characteristics of magnetic level gauge turning to illustrate: * first, tanks, tank, spherical, tower and other containers are sealed type is more, if the gauge needs opening, since opening so design to the flange, speaking of the flange, so choose to upper and lower flange side or top is more suitable. Second, although some liquid level meter is also opening flange installation, at work, but some container internal accompanied by agitation, so this time is not suitable for level gauge is inserted into the content of the container, because stirring device can affect the level pipe even measurement probe sensor element. Magnetic level gauge is different, turning three chang magnetic level gauge is using the u-shaped principle, turning pressure stress equivalent principle, measuring the outside container. Is not affected by internal mixing vibration. Third, magnetic level gauge has the characteristics of itself, turning three chang * first magnetic level gauge USES is turning red and white color, double column for these conventional are large container, the observation level is good, clear clear. Need can also be equipped with LED backlight display at night, if the container is bigger, also can be used with 4 - 20 ma remote monitoring, control signal output to the control room. Fourth, magnetic level gauge can according to the tanks, tank, turning spherical, tower, such as different scene media requirements, different acid and alkaline environment to choose different corrosive material, resistant to high temperature and high pressure resistance, basic from soup to nuts. To sum up, embellish instrument of magnetic liquid level gauge is turning in cans, tank, spherical, tower and other container liquid level monitor * want to select. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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