When making the flow measurement instrument selection of all kinds of factors that must be discussed in this paper

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-09
Will be used in industrial production to a large number of flow and liquid level and relevant measuring instrument, the instrument type selection is a very important question, because of the improper selection of instrument error measuring data tables, and even loss of instrument example is very common; Although there is a kind of situation is selection of the right, but the installation into because of the lack of relevant knowledge of * *, led to the incorrect installation and arrangement, and the effect of measure still short of our expectations. To say the right choose and use the flow meter for accurate measurement data obtained is a particularly important thing, isn't an easy thing, we need to pay close attention to when choosing and using the five basic elements, including instrument, instrument, fluid property, instrument installation, instrument environment conditions and economic factors, etc. Many times we just on instrument selection depend on past experience to decide, will not know, the same conditions of instrument modelling scheme could have multiple choice, we need according to our experience, combined with the actual situation of the scene, as well as the selected instrument has the function to make appropriate choices. Before alternative decisions, we have two basic skills to do a solid, that is must be familiar with the traffic flow characteristics in the process of measuring instrument and production technology of two aspects, such as. This article many instrument for practitioners and instrument management decision-making often discuss relevant issues. A step sequence, choice of flow measurement instrument to determine whether the flow in the pipeline in conveying flow, or fluid flow data, etc. , using flow peep window or flow indicator can easy access to information, and need not spend high cost. This kind of instrument structure is relatively simple, often in one of the small moving objects ( Such as plate, ball, vane, etc. ) Whether can display in the flow. Some are able to display the degree of flow speed, but low precision, error occur between 20% ~ 30%. If the demand is higher, the result of the measurement error control between 2% ~ 10%, you need to choose to use a flow meter. In accordance with the plan, set in the begin to choose to collect for measuring items of samples, technical data and instruction manual, etc. , fully understand the instruments adopted by the use of performance; Again for instrument performance specification, usage purpose and instrument measuring instrument installation site, fluid properties, measurement of five aspects factors such as environmental conditions and economic conditions. Considering the order from & other; Instrument performance requirements and instrument specifications & throughout; Start, as shown in figure 1 to consider other factors. If the judge & other; Economic factors & throughout; Is the main factor, consider & other; Performance requirements and instrument specifications & throughout; When factors such as, return to consider migration factor, various factors need to consider alternately, as shown in figure 2. Second, the measurement factor analysis 2. 1 consider about performance requirements and instrument specifications using measuring method is determined, in terms of performance requirements choose instrument consider are: the content of the instantaneous flow, total amount, accuracy, repeatability, linearity and flow range and scope of degree, the pressure loss, output signal characteristics and response time, etc. Different objects have different measurement purposes, each have their own focus in terms of instrument performance. Such as business accounting business and transportation business of precision demand is higher; Continuous measurement process control, usually only for reliability, repeatability, scope, degree requirements, and on the status of the secondary to the requirement of measurement accuracy; Batch production ratio, wants instrument has good accuracy. 1) Accuracy. Flow meter that set by the level of accuracy, in a wide flow rate range, appropriate if conditions at a specific flow or to limit the flow range of small, if use buckets distributed turbine flowmeter, only in case the valve fully open, basic constant flow, or change only in a small scope, then use the measuring accuracy may be higher than the specified value. 2) Response time. In terms of pulsating flow places using, pay attention to the instrument to the response of current step change. Some use place for flow meter output follow change, while others in order to obtain the average, is only requires the slower response output. Transient response is usually expressed as a time constant or response frequency, the value of the former from a few milliseconds to several seconds, the latter under several hundred Hertz, with display instrument response time can be prolonged. 2. 2 about the fluid features of various kinds of flow meters are always flow characteristics of one or more of the following factors, so the performance of the fluid in the very great degree restricted the proposed instrument model. Selected measuring method and the performance of the instrument is not only to adapt to the current body also consider fluid in the process of measuring performance by the change of a parameter.
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