When domestic electromagnetic flowmeter products of choose and buy needs should focus on a few points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-09
Since 1953 * electromagnetic flowmeter, the first set of industry after more than half a century of development, not only on the production technology is mature, all kinds of form a complete set of technology also obtained the development, along with the modern informationization, electromagnetic flowmeter for data processing and display mode has made considerable progress, believe that with the progress of future technology, electromagnetic flow meter as a great consumption of industrial production the instrument type, will certainly be more broad space for development. At present in China, the technology of electromagnetic flowmeter has been relatively mature, produce products basically all is stable and reliable, and a number of well-known domestic brands are in the process of using the user's information feedback are good. How to choose and buy the quality is reliable, stable performance of the product, which determine the performance of the electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly inspects the points of view, embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. To sort out as a manufacturer of * * in the electromagnetic flow according to years of experience in manufacturing and installation maintenance, summarizes the main points include the following: 1, the production. Make sure electromagnetic flow meter are all made of brass wire coil winding, many small factory in order to save money are not copper wire, many owners have encountered. 2, the factory test. The factory if there is a pressure test equipment and measurement calibration device, the measurement calibration device is reached national standards. 3, tough performance. Basically see manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeter can measure medium small conductivity, chemical industry, after all, there are many medium conductivity is very low; Second see electrode fouling maintenance way; There is many of the corrosive medium, chemical manufacturer of electrode, the lining options; Is the precision grade and instantaneous, the cumulative flow after window display panel, and explosion-proof grade. 4, whether product debugging maintenance is simple and easy to operate. Look at the strength of the manufacturers and after-sales service and spare parts to replace the price in the future. Electromagnetic flowmeter in the application process can sometimes cause the malfunction due to special reasons, so as to make the measurement cannot, therefore, we need to promptly eliminate to ensure that the application of it. But if it is running electromagnetic flowmeter appear problem, so in order to ensure that it does not affect the daily production after repair, we also deal with the online calibration, namely: 1. For electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil insulation resistance test and copper, safety insulation should be more than 20 m & Omega; , under the same environment temperature, copper resistance shall be the same with the original factory value. 2. Resistance to electromagnetic flowmeter sensor electrodes to test, if the resistance value in 2 - Between 20 kf, accompanied by electric discharge phenomenon, two electrode resistance is good. 3. To the test of electromagnetic flow meter transducer excitation current, observe its output and the converter current value, the error is not more than 0. 25mA。 4. For electromagnetic flowmeter converter analog output and frequency output test, observe the change of the linear, and calculate the linear error, should be less than 0. 5%. 5. To the electromagnetic flowmeter, above DN1200mm should test driver stage NB, current error is not more than 12 ma. Above is the electromagnetic flowmeter calibration method of online. Hope to be of help. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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