What are the environmental factors influencing the performance of pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-22
Shandong kaidi production pressure transmitter in a different way, also have different kinds. Generally have the following four categories: 1. The diffusion silicon pressure transmitter. Piezoelectric type pressure transducer. 3. The strain gauge ( Mechanics) Pressure transmitter 4. Sapphire pressure transmitter pressure transmitter is a precision instrument, intelligent pressure transmitter in the practical application of vulnerability to external environment factors interference, small make up by collecting data, and pressure transmitter in how to effectively eliminate interference of related knowledge to do the following introduction, in this case the general has the following solution. 1) What determine the temperature of the pressure transmitter using environment, environment of high temperature easy to civilize the transmitter coating material melt, solder joints, elastomer structure changes in internal stress and other problems. To work under the environment of the transmitter shall be selected to high temperature transmitter; In addition, the conditions allow also must add such as heat insulation, water cooled or air cooled device. 2) Work under corrosive environment of the higher of the transmitter, such as moisture, acid will make pressure transmitter elastomer damaged that cause a short-circuit and so on, in this case the outer surface should be used for pensu processing or stainless steel casing products, after this processing better corrosion resistance and impermeability of the transmitter. 3) Under the strong electromagnetic field effect, easy to make the pressure transmitter output disturbance. Encounter this kind of situation, should strengthen the shielding performance of transmitter, make it is not affected by electromagnetic environment. 4) Dust, wet easy to cause short circuit to the pressure transmitter, etc. Under the condition of this kind of environment should choose high impermeability of the transmitter. Different transmitter use way of sealing of each different, the gap between is big. Commonly used way of sealing sealant filling or coating; Rubber mat mechanical fastening seal; Welding and vacuum filling nitrogen seal, and so on. From the point of sealing effect, welding sealing, best packing coated sealant is the worst. So, under the condition of indoor clean or dry work of transmitter, you can use the glue sealing transmitter, and some in wet and high dust under the working conditions of the transmitter, you should use heat seal diaphragm or diaphragm seal welding, vacuum nitrogen charging transmitter products.
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