Users need to be aware of the gas turbine flowmeter maintenance seven key points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-16
Gas turbine flowmeter is a particularly common in industrial production of gas medium measuring instrument, its working principle is: enter the measured gas flowmeter, after cross section shrinkage of the diversion of accelerating role through import channels on the turbine blades and push the impeller rotation. Impeller shaft is installed on the rolling bearing, is proportional to the measured volume of impeller revolutions, via multiple reduction will be sent to counter or flow computer, according to the actual situation of the gas being measured by volume. To let instrument can keep a normal and stable working state, not only on it should be noted that at the start of the selection of more in the subsequent installation and maintenance operations to do the right operation specification. Leap in science and technology co. , LTD as a manufacturer of turbine flowmeter, * * there are a lot of good experience and methods to share with you. Gas turbine flowmeter installation note: 1, before installation, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to guide the construction; 2, after the completion of the pipeline construction, should purge, and thoroughly clean welding slag, rust, scale and other contaminants; 3, recommended installation; 4, welding heat will completely damaged flowmeter, should avoid * * with adjacent table welding flange; Gas turbine flowmeter maintenance operation process before 1, gas turbine flowmeter putting-in-service proactively by flow computer panels complete instrument coefficient ( K - 因素) The reset; 2, gas turbine flowmeter when put into operation, should slowly open the inlet valve manually, first to pipeline completely filled with gas outlet valve, and pressure balance after manual open prevent damage of instantaneous flow and the turbine, it is forbidden to quickly open or close the valve. 3, when the gas turbine flowmeter was put into operation, require the same pipeline downstream pressure regulating lever has completely finished, voltage regulator won't appear ice plug phenomenon, cannot too large pressure difference before and after the turbine flowmeter, flow velocity can't too fast. 4, regular flowmeter for cleaning, inspection and after school, into the lubricating oil regularly, in order to maintain the impeller running; According to traffic flow, monitoring computer, assess the traffic situation, have checked immediately when abnormal; 6, keep clear of the filter. If filter blocked by impurities, can from the filter installed in the entrance and exit of judging the differential value of the differential pressure transmitter, appear jams ruled out in time. In the case of clean, differential pressure should be & lt; = 0. 15 bar, if the differential pressure & gt; 0. 7 bar, must be clean and replace filter; 7, if the pipe material is more, cause the turbine flow meter, dysfunctional should be cleaning tube, remove the turbine flow meter, the use of lightweight high grade gasoline reinstall after thorough cleaning. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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