Use what measures to effectively ensure the accuracy of metal tube float flowmeter measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-08
Metal pipe flow meter is very common in industrial automation process control the types of flow measurement instrument can be used to measure the rate of flow of liquid and gas, especially suitable for low velocity of small flow of medium flow measurement. Metal tube flow meter has a great advantage in terms of temperature and pressure, and work stability, high reliability, therefore widely used in industry, more and more attention in the industry. Because of the nature of metal tube float flowmeter stable and solid and reliable, so, this kind of product in high pressure, high temperature and corrosive gas or liquid in a wide range of applications. Due to the different requirements on product standards of each enterprise, manufacturing flow meter scales show also is different, so the precision of the products will be different. Because there are some particularity on the measuring principle that this product is not easy to be applied by people, if you want to better application must guarantee the accuracy of the measurement precision of this product. Try to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature environment when installation so as not to reduce the capacity of lithium battery or LCD screen and longevity. In order to guarantee the normal work of the metal tube float flowmeter and meet the requirements of measurement accuracy, the general should pay attention to the following: 1, fluid flows from bottom to top, flowmeter, metal tube flow meter generally installed vertically, and vertical degree is less than 2 & deg; When mounted horizontally level Angle, less than 2 & deg; To handle the fault or blow does not affect production. Piped in process of metal tube float flowmeter should add bypass. 2, export should be 250 mm straight pipe, metal pipe flow meter at the entrance of straight pipe length should be more than 5 times the pipe diameter. To ensure the instrument measuring precision. 3, if the medium containing ferromagnetic materials, consideration should be given between the valve and straight pipe equipped with magnetic filter. 4, the product after normal operation, the device does not need maintenance. Tend to occur in the fault device has just run time, because the pipeline blow wash not clean, and float by solid particles sticking phenomenon, at this time of indicator were stopped at a particular location. At this moment * should be closed the valve on both sides of the flowmeter, first remove the flowmeter, remove float washed, packed again. 5, due to the uneven pressure, under the action of the installation of PTFE lining instrument, PTFE will deformation, so the flange nut tighten evenly symmetry. 6, when used for gas measurement, should guarantee the pipeline pressure is not less than five times the flow pressure loss, to float a stable job. For thermal protection measures, if the medium to be measured temperature higher than 220 ℃ or prone to crystallization when the fluid temperature is too low, should choose clamp cover model, for cooling or heat preservation. 7, the measuring gas meter, under pressure from a specific calibration, such as export direct emissions to the atmosphere, will produce pressure drop on the float, and cause data distortion; If this is the working condition, a regulating valve should be installed in the instrument's export. 8, in order to guarantee the performance of the instrument, instrument installation where at least 100 mm, do not allow the existence of ferromagnetic material, because the instrument is through the magnetic coupling signal. 9, process pipeline flange must be flange with meter coaxial and parallel to each other, in order to avoid deformation caused by pipe flowmeter. Appropriate increase pipe supports in order to avoid pipeline vibration and reduce the axial load of the flowmeter. 10, pipes, flanges, fasteners, gaskets and flow meter installed and run the flange standard to make the same instrument. In order to be able to make the life and function of the flow meter is stable, regular inspection on flow meter is indispensable. Under normal circumstances, the flow meter is carried out directly through the water and air to check, but it is important to note that if the medium on the flowmeter calibration and verification of medium condition is the same, then with flow ratio on the way of calculation accuracy can directly; But if these two kinds of medium condition is different, so, it's need to further study the density and viscosity function, using the related formula, will change to specific calibration coefficient is calculated, based on the accurate calculation result test on product, it is very important. Increasingly along with the economic and social development, the industry needs to be more science and technology, if the flow measurement precision is improved, for many fields will be a big breakthrough, to safeguard social security, improve product quality, improve labor efficiency and so on many aspects all has very important significance. Especially in promoting energy conservation and low carbon, industrial production, the rapid development of today, to increase the study of metal tube float flowmeter measurement precision is the basic requirement of instrument practitioners, but also the future to occupy the market with good technology and products must have a foundation. Embellish of instrument technology * * flow meter in the design and development and manufacturing for many years, the years pursuit for the majority of users to provide more products and thoughtful service, in order to achieve every user satisfaction as the ultimate pursuit of corporate goals, welcome the customers friends come to guidance and to provide valuable advice, in order to promote our continuous improvement.
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