Under negative pressure condition using magnetic flap level gauge of troubleshooting and solutions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-10
Appeared in the early design and magnetic flap of liquid level meter products, are based on the working condition of positive pressure, and also is in the installation and use of positive pressure environment, under normal circumstances the exposure of the level measurement of liquid medium, such as water and sewage, are neither sticky nor a common liquid crystal. Along with the progress of modern industrial production, industrial production for the use of the instrument are more demanding, also gradually increase to the requirement of production technology, instrument manufacturers also began to develop the magnetic level gauge turning products for special conditions, under the condition of all kinds of high viscosity and produce negative pressure level, the magnetic flap liquid level meter in the negative pressure level measurement has no problem, but because of the negative pressure condition is more complex, involving all kinds of comprehensive factors, a note will not affect the normal measuring instrument. Writing this article is on the magnetic flap for liquid level under the condition of negative pressure produced by a variety of typical fault analysis, put forward the corresponding solutions, to guide the user to improve troubleshooting and solving ability. With magnetic flap liquid level meter is completely isolated from indicating device measured medium, good sealing performance, leakage protection, etc, to adapt to the corrosion condition of level measurement and high reliability, good vibration resistance, simple structure, convenient installation, low maintenance cost, has been in power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, shipbuilding, construction, food and other industries widely used. The company the user with a Shanghai company thermal compressor low-temperature multi-effect distillation desalination strong brine, distilled water and condensate liquid level measurement using magnetic flap with far eastone level gauge. To prevent fouling, under the condition of the low temperature water reached the boiling point, for seawater desalination device in a state of negative pressure, normal run time for - 0. About 093 mpa, the magnetic flap for the user level gauge used must meet process requirements, the following description is the instrument under negative pressure condition typical fault analysis of pipeline leakage. 1 device main body, fault phenomenon means the sea freshwater U3 started to 30% ~ 70% of the concentrated brine level gauge fluctuations, without exception, check the level ontology to gauge after the upper and lower valve down, level measurement fluctuation is reduced, but the failure phenomenon did not disappear. By using damping down the opportunity to drop water desalination U3 main load and find the cause of the problem. Will the level upper and lower valve fully closed and remove the bottom plug, open the drain valve exhaust pollution treatment, thoroughly testing magnetic float, no abnormalities are found. When the parameter is a wave phenomenon exists. Try again after strong brine level gauge change of commissioning, found that the liquid level meter liquid level display bigger, more frequent fluctuations. After trying to find containers (and level measurement See figure 1) Connection pipe welding place has funnelled, after sealing on the funnelled level measurement according to restore stability, load state production back to normal. Second, analysis the cause of the problem from the actual situation in fault occurs strong brine actual level and no fluctuations, but the magnetic ball float liquid level gauge internal turning is indeed in the floating up and down, thus rendering the liquid level fluctuation. Magnetic flap closure level gauge on the valve and stop fluctuation, can judge the floating ball is floating up and down due to air water mixture and negative pressure caused by environment interaction. The gas from the magnetic flap at the bottom of the liquid level meter, drive the floating ball, magnetic flap upper level gauge with negative pressure environment, when the internal gas wear out of the water level gauge in the negative pressure environment, due to the smaller size and make the floating ball back, so, cause the liquid level fluctuation. Three, propose solutions ( 1) Maintenance is not only to inspection on magnetic level gauge ontology turning, also check all pipe and flange. Given the strong brine corrosion, pipeline connected with level gauge should be replaced periodically. ( 2) The negative pressure condition magnetic flap liquid level meter liquid level display wave phenomenon occurs, according to the following steps are analyzed and solved. (1) * check the magnetic level gauge flap according to situation, if the magnetic flap showed stable, is liquid level transmitting unit and signal transmission part of the problem, continue to measure the three cheong liquid level transmitter output current signal, control the output current of distribution isolator contained in the signal and the circuit is normal, so as to find out fault point. Magnetic flap (2) if the liquid level gauge display case and upper fluctuation, fluctuation intensity, shut off three chang * level gauge connected to the measuring of the container valve, open the drain valve, at the same time to continue to check the level floating ball itself if there is a problem, if no problem, just check the liquid level gauge, plug and whether the drain valve and connecting flange leak, at the same time, by changing the level of upper and lower valve opening to observe the level of volatility. Through the above measures can determine the level of good or bad. (3) check the level measurement containers and even tube funnelled. ( This paper released by embellish instrument in finishing, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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