Ultrasonic open channel flow meter installation method

by:KAIDI     2021-01-02
Ultrasonic open channel flow meter installation 1, installation of measuring weir trough applying ultrasonic open channel flowmeter measurement allowance, in open channel must have measuring weir tank. 2, install ultrasonic open channel flow meter sensor sensor to Ann in the sensor support frame. Goods shipped without brace, must be based on application of the structure of the flume standard when places. Can be processing and mounting bracket. See figure 9 processing method. Probe stents can be made & other; Work & throughout; Glyph, across the channel when installation. Space for installation hole probe. Channel measurement location permitting, can also be made probe support two Angle steel is shown in figure 9. The installation of sensor probe on the way to accord with the provisions of the measuring weir trough. General triangle weir, rectangular weir to install in the upstream weir plate, from the weir plate is equivalent to (3 ~ 4 times greater than weir depth Greater than weir depth refers to traffic just zero level is zero, large flow to the corresponding level) ; Groove at the inlet contraction bashir's 1/3 position ( See figure 10) 。 When install the probe, the calibration should be down. The probe shall be fixed tightly and stents, unable to move. Probe once activity, water level datum changes, affect the accuracy of the measurement. The probe should be aligned perpendicular to the surface, and may not be inclined. Due to the probe from the ultrasound has a certain Angle. Install the probe, be careful not to make the sound waves propagation path has extra reflective surface ( See figure 11)
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