Steam clip magnetic flap model and type electric heating insulation level gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-05
There are all kinds of industrialized production of liquid level meter gauge type, in which magnetic level gauge is turning general common liquid level meter testing instrument, now have been applied in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. Application in China, because the area is not the same, machinery and equipment office environment and the difference between also pretty big, especially in the average temperature change, usually can't find the liquid level transmitter cold-weather problem in coastal areas. Only in the qinling line north of the huaihe river, the winter temperature is below zero, will encounter liquid level meter thermal problems. In this area due to the outdoor can feel some tank body due to winter average temperature to reduce liquid frozen, because the magnetic liquid level gauge by turning the basic principle of communicating vessels, if the test tank body liquid, frozen in liquid can't theme activities, so the magnetic flap will can't carry out accurate measurement of liquid level meter liquid level meter, so we need to pipe in adiabatic magnetic level gauge turning operations. Magnetic flap liquid level meter is usually under the condition of application of adiabatic mode is divided into two kinds: this is an electric heater/electric heat tracing system and heat insulation heat preservation, another is the steam vent heat insulation, electric heat tracing system/electric heater. Below is their on these two ways indicated that an electric heater/electric heating system, heat insulation heat preservation magnetic level gauge: turning is after coiling in magnetic level gauge head turning heats of line heating wire heating to make the liquid in the pipe line ice degrees or so, to ensure that the tank body fluid is not easy because the temperature is too low and frozen, the basic principle of heat insulation of steam cylinder clip and heat insulation heat preservation pot of our family pack basic principle in the same way, head of external extraction steam to eliminate heat transfer and heat convection; Thus can reduce the time in outdoor night temperature have effect of heat insulation, heat insulation of the goal that is to say, in order to prevent be tested tank body temperature is too low, make the test liquid frozen and frozen. Second, steam vent clips adiabatic magnetic level gauge: turning steam cylinder clip adiabatic liquid level transmitter is the installation outside the main body of the basic behavior of an adiabatic collet and into the steam heat agent, etc. To maintain the behavior main body fluid in all normal liquidity. And used easily condensed liquid level gauge accurate measurement and control. In view of the low melting liquid refrigerant agent such as into the cold water, in order to ensure a smooth liquid level meter. Make dashboard properly identified level gauge to be tested. In order to ensure that the steam of steam cylinder clip, we have to test for steam vent clips the concept of time steam condition, when the steam cylinder clip magnetic flap after the level of application after a period of time, steam value rise shows that steam cylinder clip must be extracted steam from the very beginning, we this period of time in the steam cylinder clip gate valve a vapor pump machine equipment, application of steam cylinder clip to carry out the extraction steam vapor pump actual operation, to ensure that the steam cylinder sealing degree holder. To ensure that the liquid is not easy to be tested because the temperature is too low and frozen. Then to ensure the accuracy of liquid level meter monitor. Of magnetic flap after shows that we trust level gauge of adiabatic way and the way to know.
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