Simple structure of the float level gauge in measuring the extreme medium advantage

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-15
Compared with other liquid level measuring instrument of the float liquid level gauge, the structure is relatively simple, the instrument is through the hammer needle plus buoy for level measurement, through the buoy in the liquid by force to eventually get the liquid level data, the structure and measuring principle of a simple instrument system is used in measuring the extreme medium. When the liquid level rise, it also will support the overall strength of the change, is the strength change of liquid level data; Float liquid level gauge can be widely applied to the oil refining, wastewater treatment, paper and other important industries, in particular the use of the environment has a unique advantage, especially in measuring high viscosity liquid, has a strong corrosive solution aspects of high acid and alkali, play an important role. In this paper, the instrument than other product exactly what features make a brief introduction: * first, float level gauge has simple structure. It is very important, simple structure means that the operation is simple, operating more simple, can we use rise more convenient. But something a simple structure and a very good advantage of the recessive, that is low cost, stable performance. Second, in use process, the instrument operation is very simple, the measuring principle of the be clear at a glance, the operating personnel to understand and more easy. Third, long service life. This can believe that the heart of all customers, long using time and cheap. Float liquid level gauge can be highly corrosive resistance, by choosing different measurements of the original material, can easily in the face of all kinds of bad environment. Fourth, convenient maintenance. In general, float level gauge maintenance is very small, under normal circumstances, inspection on buoy also went, so it is very convenient when using, also do not need too much after-sales service. Float liquid level gauge when use it for the high viscosity of the medium can also be very precise measurement. Although the principle of float level gauge is simple, but at the time of use is not simple, because the use of such a method, can draw for the accurate data, when we are fixed at the origin, the buoy is fixed at the origin, and a certain relaxation force, when the liquid level rise, float level gauge also began to change, as the liquid level for the flow of the up and down, combining it with vertical pipe hammer needle, when it reached a certain position, namely driven magnetic flap, it above the design of the buoy, used on red under white design. Measurement results are very intuitive, if in order to measure the convenient, can also be equipped with remote transmission device, realization of liquid level measurement and control over a long distance. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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