Share a few cases of electromagnetic flowmeter applied in the production fault case analysis

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-15
First, the paper industry & ndash; Paper company, rock the factory factory using electromagnetic flowmeter is about 1200, accounting for 85% of the total flow rate meter. Close to application without electrode ( Capacitance detection electrodes) Electromagnetic flowmeter has increased, as the improvement measures of leakage faults in electrode parts. At the junction of calcium scale layer on the pipeline of lining used specular light finishing PFA increased electromagnetic flowmeter. Some of the problems existing in the use: ( 1) Measuring liquid containing starch, clay and so on, the instrument measuring value less than the actual value. ( 2) Measurement of black liquor, green liquid such as steamed solution liquid will be in a short period of time scale layer on the ceramic liner. Three examples of measured medium dowa fault phenomena analysis table 11988 cases order date measured medium fault phenomenon. 8. Content of starch, 222% shell liquid temperature 80 ℃ conductivity & 10 mu; S/cm fluid circulation system requirements change in the flow control in & plusmn; Less than 5%, appear & plusmn; 21988 13% change. 10. Starch + 40%, lactose 203% shell, conductivity & 160 mu; S/cm control flow rate more than requested & plusmn; 20% by 31998. 5. 2555% lactose, liquid temperature 80 ℃ conductivity & 60 mu; S/cm control flow change is too large, a big overshoot and owe tone ( 超过和低于) ( 3) Pulp bleaching process on the PFA lining adhesive defoaming agent and is considered to be the oil system of the material, and can't measure covered electrode. Although can use parking in a few months later, still can continue to use after washed with gasoline, is there a better way? ( 4) Dipping paper machine of the kind of mouth flowmeter for paper variety, liquid REDOX potential changes and cannot satisfy the condition of the measurement accuracy a lot, hope you have an improvement in the future. Second, the system of water industry & ndash; A water treatment works water treatment works in 1998 began to water supply, standard processing water 5 & times; 105 m3 / d ( Equivalent to hefei in China, Qingdao daily water supply) ; Flow meter used for electromagnetic flowmeter, a total of 28 units. Three measuring factory products water units, 1000 ~ 1350 mm diameter; With 11 stage water treatment control, diameter of 350 ~ 1100 mm, coagulant, disinfectant injection YaoPinLiang with 14 stage water quality management, such as diameter is smaller. ( 1) Diameter smaller than the pipe installation electromagnetic flowmeter, in order to reduce the investment system of some of the process of water pipe diameter is larger, with relatively small diameter electromagnetic flowmeter (for DN2000, DN1000) And reducing (before and after Enlarge) Reducer, in order to reduce construction cost. This design method is less used in municipal construction in our country. ( 2) Plus solution electromagnetic flowmeter output instability and liquid place appeared abnormal phenomenon, measurement analysis for different solution conductivity and water, and mixed caused by uneven. Improvement measures: change the injection point location ( Change it to the downstream of the instrument) Or to improve the degree of mixing: analog converter to switch to the new digital converter. Third, the pharmaceutical industry & ndash; Pharmaceutical company taken tianjin factory and seto dosage of electromagnetic flowmeter is not much, although the two factory factory has found a rare variety of the cause of the problem. Tianjin factory taken from 1986/1987 to enable three electromagnetic flowmeter, anti wrasse factories as early as 1967, 6. Below illustrate five unstable output signal diagnosis case. Case 1 ~ 3 starch such as macroscopic observation that the insulation of the film layer has appeared three times the output signal is not normal phenomenon, removed from the pipeline flow sensor, check the lining and the electrode surface, confirm no solids attached near the electrode surface; Remounted after cleaning with water use, however, the instrument returns to normal operation. Analysts say could be on the electrode surface has been covered with the insulation layer caused by naked eye out. Three examples of measured medium and fault phenomena as shown in table. Case 4 electromagnetic flow sensor tip down flow, bubble discharge not fluent production system, namely control flow rate change is too big, is usually value of 3 times, causing unstable operation. Examination revealed instrument on the horizontal line down flow, the inlet flow sensor is 20 mm higher than outlet, converted into a pipe flow upward sloping, make the inlet below the outlet of 20 mm, fault is eliminated. Analysis of the reason is that pipe flow downward sloping, bubble discharge is not smooth, bubble accumulation and slow flowing through the electrode, the short cut traffic signal circuit to form a fault. Case 5 took turns to measure the two liquids, measuring effect owing to the different order to save the investment measured with an instrument has A and B two liquids into the reactor, A liquid of 48% NaOH, B liquid sodium hypochlorite. If the pouring A liquid after filling and liquid B first, two measurements are normal; If measuring A liquid first, and then measure the liquid B, when start measuring liquid B, rendering the output signal measurement error increases the shaking phenomenon. Analysis that A higher viscosity, attached to the electrode and the lining, when measured B liquid of 48% NaOH washed from the electrodes and the lining, stripping, outflow, so at the beginning of the B liquid mixed with conductivity vary within A fluid, forming A output signal sloshing phenomenon. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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