Sewage disposal regulations that new sewage flowmeter market demand

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-09
In countries to promote the construction of green power, the state environmental protection supervision, environmental protection work in the future will become the future modernization construction important content, under this big background, country are heavily in the construction of sewage treatment engineering, all kinds of sewage facilities, each kind of sewage, inspection, testing, measuring instrument, such as sewage flowmeter surge in demand. To better cooperate with the good environmental protection and the ministry of water regulation of sewage treatment, in order to implement the implementation of the national metrology law, build a fair, impartial, scientific, trade settlement environment, sewage treatment plant for trade settlement began flowmeter calibration activities on a regular basis. Sewage treatment plant is one of the key regulatory department of the environment pollution, according to the law of the People's Republic of China compulsory verification work gage verification management method ', the sewage treatment plant for environmental monitoring or trade settlement subject to compulsory verification of flowmeter, must be examined or calibrated on a regular basis, the purpose is for the government effective regulation sewage treatment plant emissions of the well off, to better protect the legitimate interests of the state and consumers, to ensure that the sewage flow meter dissemination of accurate and reliable. Measurement for industrial production of eyes. Flow measurement is measurement part of science and technology, it has to do with the national economy, national defense construction, scientific research has a close relationship. Do this work, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and promote the development of science and technology plays an important role, especially in the energy crisis, industrial production is higher and higher degree of automation in modern times, flow meter in the position and role of the national economy is more obvious. Along with the development of the industry, for the flow measurement accuracy and range of demand is higher and higher, in order to adapt to a variety of purposes, various types of flowmeter thereafter, widely used in petroleum, petrochemical industry, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, energy, metallurgy, pulp and building materials industries. Facing fierce competition environment, and in response to the demands of energy saving and emission reduction, the various industry users pay more attention to the efficiency of the production factory, reduce the energy consumption as much as possible, in order to improve competitiveness. As a result, a lot of investment is used for raising the level of automation in factories and field data acquisition and real-time monitoring, to enhance the efficiency of the process control of the factory. Such as, in oil and gas and energy industries, airtight transmission facilities need reliable performance in the fluid measuring equipment; Needs preciseness of the flowmeter in chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry, etc. , the trend will drive the sensor and the field devices ( Including flow meter) The development of. Flowmeter guide users accept and use new technology, such as ultrasonic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, thermal mass flowmeter and V cone flowmeter, etc. , is the flow meter manufacturers market bigger and stronger and a challenge. Core flow meter technology research and development and breakthrough for the flowmeter market has injected more than fresh blood. In the field of steam flowmeter technology innovation, fujian province pledges inspect bureau has made a very good example. Recently, national product quality supervision and inspection center of four steam flowmeter scientific research project through the acceptance, including 1 national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine technology projects and three pledges inspect bureau of fujian province science and technology projects. Fujian province pledges inspect bureau of science and technology projects, the pipeline vibration will effect the performance of the flowmeter measurement and vibration reduction method of the research, development of pipeline vibration suppression devices, effectively reduces the pipeline vibration will effect the performance of the flowmeter measurement. Later, when new technology flow meter are introduced in various industries, fast and efficient after-sales service it is important for manufacturers. Captured the essence of market consumption, or will become the industry set off another key point of production. Article source: China chemical network instrument
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