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Separation is the advantage of the characteristics of the electromagnetic flow sensor and measuring

by:KAIDI     2021-02-15
Split type electromagnetic flow sensor is 50 - in the last century In the '60 s developed a new type of measuring instrument, strictly speaking, it should belong to a branch of electromagnetic flowmeter. According to the converter and electromagnetic flowmeter sensor assembly way into separable and integrated. Split type electromagnetic flow sensor is compared with the integrated. The main components are: measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, yoke iron core and the shell is mainly used for measurement of airtight pipeline volume flow of conducting liquid and slurry. Then listen to the flow sensor manufacturer engineers how to say: 1, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor structure is simple, the measuring tube has no moving parts, no obstacles to fluid flow throttling components. Therefore, when the fluid flow through timing, not cause additional pressure loss, is one of the lowest energy consumption of the flowmeter. 2, it can measure the dirty medium, the corrosive medium and suspending liquid solid two phase flow of traffic. Flow sensor manufacturer engineer said: this is because the instrument measuring tube part without blocking traffic. Only with the current body contact is sounding pipe and the inner electrode. Can choose materials according to the nature of the current body, for example, with teflon or teflon lining, can measure the acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium; With wear-resisting rubber lining, especially suitable for measurement of solid particles, mud and slurry liquid solid two phase flow. And various kinds of fiber, pulp slurry, etc. 3, the electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of volume flow measurement instruments, in the process of measurement is not affected by the temperature of the measured medium, viscosity, density and electrical conductivity, A certain range) As a result, the influence of electromagnetic flowmeter can only be used to measure other after water calibration of conductive liquid flow. 4, the output of the electromagnetic flowmeter with only the average speed is proportional to the measured medium, and with the flow state of symmetrical distribution ( Laminar or turbulent) Not, therefore, electromagnetic flowmeter range is very wide, the measurement range can reach 100:1, some even can reach 1000:1. 5, electromagnetic flowmeter without mechanical inertia, sensitive response. It can measure the instantaneous pulse to traffic flow and the positive and negative. 6, industrial electromagnetic flow meter diameter ranging from a few millimeters to several meters, there are 3 m diameter flow calibration equipment in China, for the application of electromagnetic flowmeter and market development has laid a good foundation.
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