Secretary work meeting domestic instrument institute in 2016

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-04
On March 29, 2016 30 to & other; Innovation driven power golden lake & throughout; For the purpose of and in 2016 China instrument association secretary general working conference held huaian huaian jinhu county province, the meeting is golden lake communication instrument and meter industry, the meeting jinhu county instrument for the future development ideas, the right direction, to the golden lake is of important significance for the development of county economy. Branches of the instrument society of China, the secretary of the local instrument association attended the meeting. Golden lake qing-guo wang, deputy head of the county party committee standing committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Qing-guo wang jinhu county is introduced, an overview of instrument and meter enterprise. Instrument industry is a traditional industry, jinhu county is one of the leading industry, sales of 32 in 2015. 3. 6 billion yuan, more than $100 million worth of exports, industry started in the 1980 s, after 30 years of development, huaian province to become the instrument industry cluster brand cultivation base, formed by Su Yi group, HuaErWei group, jie and the technology, the west group, huahai measurement and control, instrumentation, telecommunications and jack for leading science and technology enterprises, with flow meters, pressure gauges, temperature instruments, level instruments, control valves, as the main products of the industrial chain, such as wire and cable, has more than 300 enterprises, including 5 national high and new technology enterprises, has a reputation, HuaErWei, lianhuan, jie chong, huahai ISO9001 quality certification system, brand have & other; Su Yi & throughout; 、“ Lianhuan & throughout; Huaian province famous brand, such as the provincial key export brand cultivation and development. Products cover large domestic oil fields, steel mills, coal mines, chemical industry, electric power, etc, and exported to more than 10 countries. Qing-guo wang said, will be in the meeting as an opportunity to clarify the development ideas, get the development direction, to jinhu county the rapid development of the instrument and meter industry to make greater efforts. At the same time, sincerely welcome business friends to visit golden lake negotiations, investment and seek common development. Wu Youhua vice executive director of the conference, learn to explain the new times, the new normal situation, begin to think of strategic development ideas '. Learn to personnel on the 2014 & ndash; 2015 branches working situation and training working experience sharing; Conference to commend the outstanding branch, outstanding society workers, demonstration base for training, regional membership service sub-center for licences. 30, all the participants visited Su Yi group, jie and science and technology, HuaErWei group, huahai measurement and control, jack instruments such as the production line. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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