Oval gear flowmeter measurement of high viscosity medium note when you install

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-18
Measuring high viscosity medium is one of the advantages of oval gear flowmeter, particularly suitable for heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, the resin viscosity and high dielectric measurements, and for petroleum advantage is particularly evident in the medium to measure, because the oil medium has self lubricating effect, so you can keep the oval gear flowmeter long-term and stable working condition. But the oval gear flow meter in the measurement of viscosity reaches a certain level of medium, there are also some problems need to remind you pay attention to. In the measurement, generally for high viscosity medium, we recommend that prior to heating way to reduce the viscosity, medium heat. Natural lower viscosity, what we need in order to achieve the velocity range, or medium would be hard to flow in the pipe. But in the use of elliptical gear flowmeter, if the interrupt for a period of time, the inside of the oval gear flowmeter medium will increase viscosity by cooling, if use again, also need to use the proper way, for instance, such as steam heating mode to heating, oval gear flowmeter to melt inside medium, if it is in the medium velocity range, and even can't flow, forced to use the instrument, the internal gear transmission parts and the rotor resistance from, can lead to injury, transmission parts and the gear rotor, in turn, affect the service life of the oval gear flowmeter. This problem is easily ignored by some users in the course of actual use, so small make up remind everyone here, it is important to note that when measuring high viscosity media pay attention to the liquid medium, avoid by all means is due to the small folding negligence lead to problems and oval gear flowmeter measurement results. Before the installation of sensor and the pipelines should be carefully before removing debris. Only when the sensors connected to pipe, can remove the sensor plug on the import and export, in order to prevent debris into the sensor. When installing a sensor, should prevent debris into the pipeline. Installation position should make oval gear flowmeter shaft installed into a horizontal position as much as possible, in order to reduce the elliptical gear friction between the two plane and body, cover plate, reduce the wear parts. In front of the sensor to install filters to prevent sensor for sundry tighten a block, the filter should be cleaned regularly. Sensors should be installed in without dust accumulation and drench water may place, should not have influence instrument working around magnetic field exists. The sensor should be installed in the output of the pump. If installed in the pump suction side, sensors and filters the pressure loss of the negative pressure in the pump suction increase, pump shaft of the liquid outflow also increases indirect error caused by the instrument. Pump suction flange should prevent side leakage, otherwise can cause the instrument error increases. Sensor can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipe runs, sensor installation direction should be the arrow direction as shown on the sensor shell and fluid flow in the same direction, the installation position should be paid attention to for easy reading. Sensors in use, it shall fill in the table with liquid, liquid to be tested should not be mixed with the gas inside, otherwise should install gas separator. Usually used for measuring high viscosity liquid, in order to reduce the viscosity of liquid heating, then the flow in the pipe. After the instrument downtime, instrument inside filled with liquid by cooling and sticky. Such as to enable the again, must be on the outside of the table body apply steam to heat the liquid filling method such as thermal, after waiting for liquid viscosity reduced in the instrument to use, or mucus will bite transmission parts. Do not sweep line steam through the table body to damage the instrument. Measured liquid temperature should not be higher than the specified value, more than even stuck. Liquid temperature change can cause additional error viscosity influence. In addition, temperature increase caused by crescent space volume increase, make the instrument & other; Walk slowly & throughout; 。 Pipes flow should not dramatically increase or decrease, avoid pipeline vibration, hydraulic shock and stress the phenomenon such as volatility, otherwise will affect the normal work of the instrument. Is proportional to the square of the pressure loss and liquid flow rate, liquid viscosity increases, the pressure loss is also increased.
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