Oval gear flowmeter is analysed work failure type and the solving measures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-04
Oval gear flowmeter is a kind of pointer, according to the word wheel accumulated counting device and back to zero device light volumetric flow meter, with the progress of technology, is also the product type electronic digital display, and be able to do it will measure the amount of signals with 4 - 20 ma's standard electrical signal output, is now widely used in various industrial fields of liquid flow control, is suitable for various kinds of liquid measurement, such as crude oil, diesel oil, petrol, etc. , has a large range, high precision, use and maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, choose different materials, can meet the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, electric power, transportation and so on various areas of liquid flow metering. In industrial raw materials trade settlement has a lot of use. Oval gear flowmeter have a series of preparation before put into use to do, in particular has the following points must be user attention and implement: the instrument is in use, should make the flow in the table filled with liquid. Within the measured liquid should not be mixed with gas, or a mixture of gas and liquid volume is measured, the measurement, the liquid mixed with gas, within the instrument must be installed upstream gas separator. Of the pipeline flow should not increase or decrease sharply, should avoid to pipeline vibration, hydraulic shock and stress the phenomenon such as volatility, otherwise will affect the normal work of the instrument. Because when measuring high viscosity liquid, generally are in order to reduce the viscosity of liquid heating, then the flow in the pipe ( With both insulation clip model flow meter) 。 After the instrument downtime, instrument inside filled with liquid by cooling and become sticky, such as to enable the again, must be used on the outside of the table body heat, steam or other methods to reduce the viscosity of the liquid, the liquid viscosity reduced in the instrument to use. Or mucus will bite transmission parts, instrument damage. Measured liquid temperature should not be higher than the specified value, otherwise, the instrument can not work normally, even stuck, counter parts easily damaged at high temperature. The liquid temperature change can cause additional error viscosity influence. Big traffic flow rate is in excess of that specified, oval gear flowmeter with the increase of speed increase and wear and tear, and the pressure loss has increased dramatically, should avoid to use. Under small flow rate, although still can measure, but the error increase. Meter starting flow about 2% of the large flow rate, normal work flow for large flow of 70% 80%. Instrument before installation, pipeline must be thoroughly cleaned and in the whole pipeline system, without strict filtering device, filters should be installed in front of the instrument, to prevent impurities into the table. Instruments shall be installed in the pump outlet, the flow control valve should be installed on the downstream side of the instrument. When used to open the upstream shutoff valve and then slowly open the downstream flow control valve or valve. It is forbidden to suddenly open or closed. Each instrument factory, all use 0 # diesel oil at room temperature calibration, at room temperature, the viscosity of the oil is about 3 mpa. s。 If user use this large difference with the liquid viscosity, or need to reset the gear ratio flow coefficient. Do not sweep line steam and water through the instrument. Specific failure list as follows: failure phenomenon reason measures note elliptical gear not turn 1. The pipe with sundry 2. Measured liquid containing impurities. Damage of filter. Debris into the table, gear stuck instruments and pipe unpick and wash, repair filter coupling axial seal leakage packing wear or lack of seal oil tighten gland or replacement of packing, loading seal oil pointer rotation instability pointer, gasket is loose or not turning a flexible retightened and eliminate the phenomenon of inflexible small partial excessive negative error ellipse gears and metering box wall collision, bearing wear, or measuring cavity deformation change bearing, repair deformation in the measuring chamber and gear, make flexible rotation, ensure that the required changes to the calibration of the error after the repair with larger flow ripple or contained gas reducing pulsating or adding gas separator error is too big, but not more than & plusmn; Use more than 1%, change or repair after clearance etc to check for zero adjustment. Level 2 meter size does not exceed & plusmn; 0. 1 17% a letter without a signal. Inappropriate position of transmitting block 2. Polarity reverse to adjust the position, before and after the pick, move back to + red line, - Pick up the black paper released by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In the finishing.
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