Oval gear flowmeter for installation need special comply with the specification requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-11
Products overview: oval gear flowmeter, also called displacement meter or gear flowmeter is one kind of volumetric flowmeter in flow meter is of high precision. In many industrial sectors for high volume measurement requirements are widely used, especially in the dosage of all kinds of oil measurement is considerable. The basic working principle is to use mechanical measuring element to divide fluid continuously into the volume of a single known part, according to the measuring room of successive, repeatedly and discharge of the number of the volume of fluid to measure the total traffic volume. Working principle and features: the structure of the oval gear flowmeter is made up of metering box and packed in a pair of elliptical gear metering box and the upper and lower cover plate only at the beginning of a sealed cavity ( Due to the rotation of the gear, so it's not * * sealed) As a displacement calculating unit. When measured liquid pipelines into the flow time, the pressure difference generated in the import and export of drive gear pair of continuous rotation, constantly put the only at the beginning of the cavity after measuring the liquid to the exit, the elliptical gear revolutions and displacement as the product of four times every time measured the amount of liquid flow rate, Principle as shown in figure) 。 Flow meter is mainly composed of shell, counter, elliptical gear and coupling ( Magnetic coupling and axial coupling) And so on. Oval gear flowmeter can choose different materials ( Cast steel, stainless steel and 316), Manufacture, suitable for chemical, oil, medicine, electric power, metallurgy and food industries of work flow metering. Display mode choice: oval gear flowmeter is a mechanical instrument, can display for mechanical approach can also be for liquid crystal display (LCD), according to the different requirements of users to make reasonable choice, oval gear flowmeter installation requirement is not high, such as the length of the straight pipe before it can need not consider flowmeter, the other meter is more strict. Oval gear flow meter and secondary instrument of form a complete set of oval gear flowmeter. About the content of impurities and other matters: oval gear flowmeter in the installation of transmitter, we need to carefully clear impurities in the piping, if consider using process may be measured medium have impurities, must be equipped with filters, such not only can prolong the service life of the oval gear flowmeter, improve the measurement accuracy, and reduce the cost of maintenance. If the measuring instrument used in relatively clean place also can choose, stainless flowmeter. As far as possible when installation should be installed in a horizontal position, the output of the transmitter should be installed in the pump, can reduce the measuring error. When we measure the oil medium, we will first choose this product as a measurement tool. Oval gear flowmeter installation specification requirements * ten big requirements: first flowmeter should be installed before matching filter, and supporting exports of filter followed the entry of the flowmeter, the flow direction arrow on the body pointing in the direction and the liquid. Two requirements: when the measured liquid containing gas flow meter should be installed before the getter filters. Third request: no matter vertical or horizontal line is installed, but the flow meter of the elliptical gear should be installed in horizontal position ( The watch dial should be vertical to the ground) 。 The fourth-largest requirements: under the condition of correct installation of the flow meter, if it is not easy to see readings, can be turned to counter 180 degrees or 90 degrees. Fifth largest requirements: before installing new flowmeter with bamboo sticks from the exit pushed the elliptical gear several times, if found to be not moved, can use diesel oil immersion ( To avoid memory after factory check deposits) 。 Sixth largest requirements: flow control valve should be installed in the inlet of the flow meter, opening and closing of the valve is installed at the exit, when using the open and close the valve slowly start, don't suddenly open in case & other; Water hammer & throughout; Phenomenon. Seventh largest requirements: before new pipe flow meter installed on pipe need to wash, rinse with straight pipe ( Alternative flow meter location) Prevent welding slag, sundries, etc into the meter. The eighth requirement: calibration of cast iron, cast steel material with water flow meter shall be strictly prohibited. Ninth largest requirements: flowmeter in flow when using size shall not exceed the technical requirements. Flowmeter work in big traffic - 70 80% were optimal. Measured liquid if the tenth largest requirements: chemical corrosion resistance, must choose stainless flowmeter. Conclusion oval gear flowmeter do correct use, to ensure product accuracy: oval gear flowmeter is usually the precision of the cumulative value of 0. Level 5, it is a kind of more accurate flow meters. However, if the use of the measured medium flow rate is too small, the instrument will highlight the influence of the leakage error, can't guarantee enough accuracy of measurement. Therefore, different specifications of the oval gear flowmeter USES small flow one permitted, only when the actual measured flow is greater than the lower limit value, the measurement precision can be guaranteed. Second, using elliptical gear flowmeter should pay attention to the temperature of the measured medium cannot be too high, otherwise not only can increase the measurement error, and there are may be stuck in the gear. Therefore, oval gear flowmeter in the instrument by using temperature range. After long-term use of oval gear flowmeter, the internal gear are corrosion and wear and tear, which affect measurement accuracy. Therefore, often should observe, and regularly check to be removed, if conditions permit good calibration on a regular basis. Will pay attention to the medium temperature measurement model selection of the product much effect, ensure the medium temperature in the range of the instrument to measure only do meet the requirements of the instrument, instrument can work normally, the measurement data is accurate. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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