Outlining the turbine flowmeter product application features and key points for daily maintenance notice

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-20
Speed of turbine flowmeter is a new type instrument, it has high precision, good repeatability, simple structure, high pressure resistance, wide measuring range, small volume, light weight, small pressure loss, long service life, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc. Temperature pressure compensation type instrument can integrating flow, temperature and pressure detection function, and can automatically compensate for temperature, pressure, compression factor, oil, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, gas measurement of industrial boiler industry, industry and city gas, gas-fired closed pipe low viscosity and the amount and the volume of a gas flow of the ideal gas flow rate of gas heat metering instrument. Its working principle is when the fluid flows through the sensor shell, because of the impeller blade and flow to a certain Angle, the fluid force makes the blade with rotational torque, to overcome the friction torque and fluid resistance, blade rotation speed stability after the moment balance, under certain conditions, the speed is proportional to the velocity of flow, because there are magnetic conductivity blade, it is in the signal detector of magnetic field, rotating blade cutting lines, periodically changing coil magnetic flux, so that the coil ends of inductive electric pulse signal, the signal after amplifier amplification plastic, form a certain amplitude of continuous rectangular pulse wave, can be spread far to display instrument, show the instantaneous flow and cumulative amount of the fluid. To guarantee the normal work of the gas turbine meter long, it is necessary to check the running status of the flowmeter, the maintenance work, find problems in a timely manner. Turbine flowmeter product characteristics 1. Turbine flow sensor is a kind of precise flow measuring instrument, matched with the corresponding flow integrating instrument can be used to measure the rate of flow of liquid and the total amount. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research in the areas of measurement and control system. Equipped with health joint turbine flow sensor can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. 2. Integration of turbine flowmeter for explosion-proof design structure, can display the total flow, instantaneous flow and flow full percentage. Battery USES the long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, single-function integrating table battery service life can reach more than 5 years, multi-function display table battery service life also can achieve more than 12 months. 3. Integration of flow units is numerous, can display the meter has a cubic meters? , a gallon? , rose? , standard cubic meters,? Standards rise, and so on. Can set a fixed parameters of gas pressure and temperature compensation, the pressure and temperature parameters changed little occasion to use the instrument for integrating fixed compensation. 4. Turbine flowmeter sensor output sine wave signal, need to use circuit will signal integer to integer square wave, then access to pulse count, the microcontroller IO port is directly proportional to the flow and pulse number. A turbine flow sensor maintenance should pay attention to the following points? 1. Line meter coefficient setting before operation of turbine flowmeter, carefully check, determine the flow meter wiring and correct, grounding good rear can either. 2. When using, should maintain the cleanness of measured medium not containing impurities such as fiber and particles. Keep clear of the filter. Filter the impurities clogging may be from the entrance and exit the increase of the differential pressure gauge readings to determine, blockage promptly eliminate, otherwise, can seriously reduce the traffic. 3. The maintenance period of turbine flow sensor for half a year in general. Regular cleaning of flowmeter, check and after school. Has lubricating oil or cleaning fluid into the mouth of the flowmeter, should according to the requirement of the specifications into lubricating oil or cleaning fluid on a regular basis, in order to maintain the impeller good running. When cleaning maintenance please note that do not damage parts measuring cavity especially impeller. Please watch the orientation and the position of the impeller when assembling. 4. Turbine flow sensor without should be cleaned after internal medium dry and add protection cover to prevent dirt to enter on both ends of the sensor? And then stored in dry place. 5. Monitoring display instrument, estimates the meter reading, with exception to check in a timely manner. 6. With the filter should be cleaned regularly need not when should clean the internal medium as well as sensors and dustproof set of stored in dry place. 7. In front of the sensor is installed with my mouth to blow or hand dial make it rapidly rotating impeller observing any display when there is a sensor installation again, if no display should check the relevant parts. 8. Trade settlement measurement for large flow, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the flow meter, flow meter should be check regularly. Field should be equipped with online calibration equipment, or are equipped with portable calibration device, although larger one-time investment, but in the long run economic interests is worth it. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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